With the new year and the start of a new quarter there are undoubtedly a number of you who, like myself, have made a couple of resolutions. Mine is to learn how to drive in the snow. Being from California, I’ve never had to do such a thing, and if you’ve seen the weather lately, it hasn’t been an easy resolution to put off.

So I got to thinking, what are our favorite celebrities doing for their New Year’s resolutions?

Working out? Doubt it. They all already have personal trainers.

Finding a job? Nope, they’re multi-millionaires.

So here are my Top 5 celebrity resolutions, featuring four people that need to get it in line and one celeb that’s doing it right.

No. 1 No More Forgery

Lindsay Lohan has had a bad rep her entire career, and I won’t digress on all of the other resolutions she should make just to take care of herself, but her biggest mistake in the New Year has been stealing clothing designs.

Considering her start doing remakes of old Hollywood films (“The Parent Trap” and “Freaky Friday” for instance), Lohan should know that if you ever want to have real success you’ve got to come up with something original.

So Lindsay Lohan, how about you try and be honest and trustworthy starting now, and maybe come up with a few of your own ideas once in a while if you want to truly make it out there.

No. 2 Put down the booze, Mariah

We all probably remember the mental breakdown Mariah Carey had on TRL; if not, see the video above. I was in seventh grade and still had to make sure my mom didn’t know that I was watching MTV.

But since then, the girl has really turned things around. She got married, albeit a little hastily, and has seemed very happy with the man of the hour, Nick Cannon.

However, girl got a little tipsy at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Tuesday night.

So in hopes of not repeating that disastrous 2001 performance, Mariah Carey, let’s put down the bottle and take a break this year.

No. 3 Rehab, I say “Yes, Yes, Yes”

Well the latest reality celebrity, Stephanie Pratt, has to go through alcohol detox treatment after sentencing in her Los Angeles DUI case.

Resolution: Get the help you need!

I know that you probably don’t think you need help, but if you were driving drunk, that is probably a sign that it’s more serious than you think it is. So Steph, don’t blow off your AA meetings just because they are court-enforced. Get help and maybe the crazy people that watch your show will follow suit and go to I’m-a-Hills-Watcher Anonymous.

No. 4 Stop Overcompensating

Jennifer Lopez caught some flak when she showed up in a cat suit on New Year’s Eve.

But she sure didn’t have to show up in this gown at the Miami Dolphins game a couple days later.

Take a hint from Fergie. You are at a FOOTBALL game, not an evening formal. Just because you are famous and think you are more important than you are doesn’t mean you can try and show up the Dolphins by wowing everyone with your latest acquisition.

Don’t overcompensate for your mistakes, and learn to dress the part.

No. 5 Beautiful Solitude

Okay, I don’t know about the rest of you but I am getting sick of the scandals. And it doesn’t even stop with Tiger Woods; Kourtney Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson had their pregnancies splashed all over every magazine.

But leave it the Buckeye-faithful Vince Vaughn to start the year off right. Vaughn married Kyla Weber after an eight-month long engagement in a private ceremony Jan. 2.

So, to everyone else, take a lesson from the “Wedding Crasher” and take it indoors. We don’t really want to know about everything that goes on in your life.