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Crime Briefs: New Year’s kiss leads to broken jaw

A 21-year-old man ended up in the hospital with a broken jaw after he kissed another man’s girlfriend on the cheek New Year’s Eve.

The man told police he hosted a party at his East Patterson Avenue home, and at the stroke of midnight couples began the traditional New Year’s kiss. But the girl he kissed on the cheek had a boyfriend who, 10 minutes later, confronted him and punched him in the jaw, breaking it.

The man underwent surgery at Ohio State Medical Center to treat his fractured jaw. No one was arrested for the assault.

Neighbors learn to get along

Police were called to defuse a neighbor dispute early Saturday morning when a woman tried to quiet the tenants of a nearby apartment.

A woman living in an East 11th Avenue apartment called police after she tried to get her neighbors to turn down their music at 4 a.m. She told police that no one answered when she knocked next door. When she slid a note under the door, her female neighbor chased her away, yelling at her, she said.

When police arrived, the music was at an “acceptable” level, and the woman reported it had never been louder.

The allegedly boisterous neighbors told police that the woman had kicked their door and hit it with a bat.

Police taught the neighbors how to avoid the situation in the future.

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