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Music Blog: Boom goes the dynamite, ‘tIk tOk” explodes the charts

As the climate cools down, the music scene continues to heat up with a rather — ahem — tantalizing new starlet. Every time I turn on the radio or walk into a bar I hear the same pop song that has become the new college anthem. Move over Asher Roth, Ke$ha is here to “sing” about being drunk and getting crunk with a bottle of Jack.

You hear it blaring in every club and every 10 minutes on WNCI, Ke$ha’s single “TiK ToK” went to number one on the Billboard charts this past week. I have to admit it is at the top of my iPod playlist, so I did my homework and checked into the rest of her debut album.

After doing my research I realized every one of her songs is about being drunk, wanting to be drunk or being hung over. Maybe it’s about time you join Miss Winehouse in rehab, Ke$ha?

From the sounds of it, this girl is going to be a one hit wonder if she leads the life she writes about. These days, any artist can get a record deal if they sing about booze and babes, no talent required. It comes to show you that if you can feel confident enough to perform in a scandalous outfit, the music industry is ready to make you the new face of their business.

That’s not to say I don’t see any talent in the industry; look at Adam Lambert for example. This man can sing, but at the same time he knows how to sell to his audience: get a rise out of them and push the envelope.

After all, how much attention is the winner of last season’s American Idol receiving? The idea behind any highly successful marketing technique is that sex sells, and that means bye bye good intentions. In my opinion, I think provocative sex appeal in the music industry toes a fine line between trashy and tasteful.

Wearing the shade of sex is like wearing white pants after Labor Day; do you frown upon it or look at it as nothing?

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