Anyone who wants to become a part of the music industry might want to occasionally substitute his or her instrument for a book.

Rick Florino and Amy Sciarretto know the music business. Their book, “Do the Devil’s Work for Him: How to Make it in the Music Industry (And Stay In It!)” is a guide for people who wish to be in the business.

The book was completed in two months. They took turns writing chapters, putting their ideas on paper and waiting for the other’s response.

“They always say, ‘Write what you know,’ and that’s what we did,” Sciarretto said.

They even followed that advice when writing the title. When looking for her first real job, Sciarretto asked an employee whether she should send writing samples to the company. The employee told her to do the work for them instead of asking questions and waiting for a response. She has used that advice throughout her career and adapted it for the title.

Florino came up with the idea for the book after Ruin Magazine, which he owned and ran, went out of business.

“I had so much passion for it. I put my whole life into the magazine and I wanted to catalog that experience,” he said.

That idea flourished into writing a book that included a wide range of perspectives. He had been a long-time fan of Sciarretto’s writing and wanted her to work at his magazine. When that was no longer a possibility, he asked her to co-author “Do the Devil’s Work for Him.”

Together, they discuss topics for a wide variety of people, including college students. In a section entitled “The 10 Commandments of Interning,” they explain that often the differences between a good intern and a bad intern is respect and common sense. “I’ve had so many interns that were terrible and did things even I wouldn’t do,” Sciarretto said.

An intern once lied to get backstage and then ran around and made a fool of himself. He was fired the next day, she said.

On the other hand, a person that is respectful and acts professionally will likely find internship opportunities and, like the authors, turn their passion for music into a career.

Florino has been published in many magazines and, in 2009, released the first of 10 books in a series of horror novellas.

Sciarretto has written for magazines and Web sites for 15 years. She also has experience as a DJ and a promoter for Roadrunner Records.

They are considering writing a sequel, though they are unsure of the exact details. No matter what is included in the next book, Florino and Sciarretto will only write what they know.

“Do the Devil’s Work for Him” is available in stores and on