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Bucks to draft for Spring Game

Most people remember that day on the playground when everyone picked teams for kickball.

Some were picked first, and felt honored and excited, while others were left hoping that they weren’t the last ones chosen.

The Buckeyes will go through a similar scenario tomorrow in the Scarlet and Gray draft.
The Scarlet and Gray draft is designed to create the teams that will go up against each other at the annual Spring Game on Saturday.

Jim Tressel planned the draft instead of practice on the Wednesday before the Spring Game.

Before beginning the draft, Tressel splits the coaching staff as well as the seniors into two separate teams that will coordinate and choose the best players for their squads.

In past years, the draft has been done position by position, starting with defensive ends and ending with special teams.

According to tight-ends coach and recruiting coordinator John Peterson, the Buckeyes’ draft is very similar to the NFL draft, except that it is done much faster.

“We don’t have tons of time to decide on our players,” Peterson said. “Most of the time we’re flying through things without much thought. We have a time constraint of 30 seconds per pick.”

For some positions, there are multiple players to choose from, but some positions only have two players as choices.

The experience should be a source of light-hearted fun as the Buckeyes prepare for this weekend.

Except for the guy who is picked last.

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