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OSU football recruit shot, says ‘THANK GOD IM STILL ALIVEEE’

Ohio State football recruit Jamel Turner was shot twice while riding in a car late Friday night, but the injuries are not believed to be serious, according to several reports.


On his Facebook page, Turner wrote that he “NEVER WOULDA HTOUGHT [sic] I’D GET SHOT!! [expletive] IT THO… THANK GOD IM STILL ALIVEEE.”

According to the Youngstown police report, Turner, who was in the back seat, was struck by gunfire twice, once in his left ankle and once in his right hip. Turner was one of three people in the car, along with his twin brother, Jamal, and 32-year-old Ramses Terry, who was driving the Chevrolet Blazer, which he owns.

Police found a bag of marijuana and two handguns in the car, and found no evidence of a shooting at the scene.

Attempts to contact Turner have been unsuccessful, and Turner’s former coach at Fork Union Military Academy, Micky Sullivan, said the 18-year-old has turned off his phone.

“I’ve tried to call Jamel, his phone is turned off,” Sullivan said. “I saw it just like everybody else on the Internet and I tried to contact him, but I haven’t been able to get in touch with him.”


Turner also posted on his Facebook page that he “just got hit twice is all” and that he “still can play football so its alll gravy.”

The prospect transferred from Youngstown Ursuline to Fork Union for his senior year, but left Fork Union last month for undisclosed reasons.

In a March interview with The Lantern, Turner said the reason for his transfer was because he “got off track of what I should have been doing. [I] got a little bit off focus and just needed to get out of where I was and come somewhere else so I could focus a little bit more grades-wise.”

Shelly Poe, spokeswoman for Ohio State, said the university is “still gathering information on the situation” and does “not have any statement at this time.”

Whether Turner ever suits up in scarlet and gray remains to be seen, and Sullivan said Turner’s choices will determine his future.

“He has the potential to be as good as he wants to be,” Sullivan said. “The choices are now his. I think he has all the ability in the world. He’s a very intelligent young man and it all comes down to what kind of choices he’s going to make about his life from here on out.

“I hope he gets everything straightened out.”

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