Freshman Logan Schuss said that when he played high school lacrosse, he was used to doing his own thing.

But now, playing for the Ohio State men’s lacrosse team, he’s “on a strict schedule.”

Schedule or no schedule, Schuss has earned six weekly league awards this season.

Schuss has earned four rookie of the week honors and two offensive player of the week accolades.

His biggest award came at the end of the season when he was named Eastern College Athletic Association Lacrosse League Rookie of the Year and earned a spot on the all-conference first team.

Schuss, who posted an impressive seven goals against No. 4 North Carolina in the Buckeyes’ last regular-season game, is currently the team’s leading scorer with 56 points, the most points for a freshman in OSU history.

“It’s nice to be recognized,” Schuss said. “It shows for all the hard work I’m putting in everyday. But I’d almost rather get the win than any award.”

Whether his numbers show it or not, Schuss said he had some adjusting to do.

“I want to come in next year in better shape, be faster and stronger,” Schuss said. “I kind of came in this year not in the best of shape and it took me a while to get back into it.”

Where Schuss grew up, in British Columbia, lacrosse is played inside on a hockey rink with only five players on the floor with smaller nets. Schuss said that when next fall rolls around, it should be better for him as he is now accustomed to how the American field game is played.

“When I saw him play and the things that he can do, are exceptional in his hands and his scoring ability, I knew how well that would translate,” coach Nick Myers said. “I knew there’d be an adjustment period, but the work ethic and the kid that he is with school and lacrosse, I knew he’d take care of himself.”

Schuss might get teased for saying “eh” too much on and off the field, but he knows how to have fun with his American teammates.

“I always tell my buddy (teammate) Jeff Tundo, ‘This is how we do it in Canada'” Schuss said, jokingly. “He’ll always bug me and say it back to me in a Canadian accent.

“I tell my friends back home that I get to play with almost 50 of my new best friends,” Schuss said.

When Schuss was asked what he couldn’t do, Myers overheard and said, “Defense!”

“He’s right, I can’t play defense. That’s my bad thing,” Schuss said.

But Schuss did divulge a few hidden talents.

“I’m quite the dancer. Everyone always bugs me because in the locker room, I’m the only one dancing. I’ve missed my ride three times,” Schuss said. “I’ll be blasting music and everyone just leaves me.”

That energy continues on and off the field for Schuss.

“He’s a natural leader. Freshmen have a tendency to get burnt out or wear down, but even in the last week of the season, Logan’s still a guy who comes in with a smile on his face, you know, eager to get better, eager to meet new people,” Myers said. “He’s not the type of guy who gets too high or too low whether we win or lose … which is what you like to see, especially with a freshman.”