The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion was ablaze with light as thousands of people thrust their lighters into the air while rappers Kid Cudi and Chip tha Ripper boasted about their hometown, Cleveland. The song they were singing was called “Hyyerr,” a melody about smoking weed and “freeing their minds.” Many in the audience took it to heart.

It was an amazing show, but getting puked on and burned with cigarettes is a hard price to pay on top of ticket costs. Was it worth it? For some students, yes; for others, like the many who got caught smoking weed, it probably wasn’t.

The concert was sold out, with 5,000 people smoking, dancing and drinking. But security was having a tough job keeping up with deviant behavior.

Deep in the crowd, the air was filled with the smell of weed and the sound of frustrated and sometimes-drunken yells. Machine Gun Kelly, another Cleveland-based rapper, was performing when, suddenly, two Ohio State freshmen were snatched out of the crowd by security. The girls were trying to light a hand-rolled cigar.

Others quickly tucked objects in their jackets, purses and pockets so they, too, wouldn’t get pulled from the crowd.

Another girl threw up near me and passed out in her vomit as her friends stood in a daze. People were packed so tight, they couldn’t get her out. My friends and I moved because it was getting harder and harder to breathe without choking on smoke and other human beings.

I’ve been to plenty of shows and have seen my share of insanity, but the Kid Cudi concert took the cake. Because it was an outdoor venue, the level of smoking tripled and the number of underage drinkers seemed staggering.

One student said he got pushed around so much that he left before the main act got on stage. He said his girlfriend got burned by a cigarette.

Another student said she had the best time of her life, even though she could “barely remember” her name by the end of it.

For me, the music outweighed the crowd’s overall idiocy. I paid to watch unreal performances, and that’s what I got. The pot, drunkenness and the “mosh mentality” were just a bump in the night.