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Kids show is the new hip thing

“Yo Gabba Gabba!” might seem like a children’s program, but the show has gotten the attention of toddlers and college students alike.

The Nick Jr. show uses games, music and dancing to entertain and educate young children. The show is hosted by a character named DJ Lance Rock, who is accompanied by Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex, bright cartoon-like characters.

“Yo Gabba Gabba!” was created by Christian Jacobs, the lead singer of The Aquabats, and Scott Schultz.   

“Most viewers are young children and families but there are a lot of high school and college-age fans,” Jacobs said.

The show brings in a lot of celebrity guests and popular bands. Some of the guests who have appeared on the show are: rapper Biz Markie, comedian Andy Samberg, hip-hop band The Roots, rapper Sean Kingston and indie-pop duo The Ting Tings.

“The young kids don’t really care about who the band is, they’ll have fun either way,” Jacobs said. “But if there is a popular band or celebrity guest, it definitely draws in an older crowd.”

“Yo Gabba Gabba!” also performs live on tour. Christian describes this concert experience as being similar to a Flaming Lips show, but for kids.

Jacobs said the live show is interactive, and the audience is always up and moving around.  

“It’s like one big birthday party,” Jacobs said. “And I know college kids like to have a good time so they can relate.”

Senior Ohio State student Danny Lemmon said he thinks the show is great. He even has thrown “Yo Gabba Gabba!”-themed parties.

“Costumes are optional, but we record a bunch of episodes and have them playing in the background,” Lemmon said. “Every time there was an awkward dancing scene, everyone would drink.”

Lemmon said he supports the show and thinks it is written and directed by people who should be influencing kids.  

“The show is like a giant overload for 3-year-olds,  but it’s a lot of fun,” Jacobs said. “It’s stuff you can really dance to.”

Jacobs said that he believes it is the diverse crowd that Yo Gabba Gabba! draws in that makes the show special.  

“Especially with the live shows you can watch college kids and hip parents and then straight-laced conservative families all dancing together,” Jacobs said. “Seeing that makes me proud to be a part of this.”

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