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Sleigh Bells chime for Halloween

The conventional way to spend Hallow’s Eve as a college student is going to a house party, dressing up as your favorite movie protagonist, food, or just as a scantily clad nurse.

Take that idea, add a bigger venue and the distorted noise-pop sound of the New York-based band Sleigh Bells and you have this year’s Bar of Modern Art’s Halloween Party.

BoMA is known for hosting one of Columbus’ largest costume parties, and although it isn’t mandatory to wear a costume, it is encouraged.

Originally opened in 2006, the nightclub and restaurant has since been turned into an event venue that hosts large-scale rendezvous and parties.

BoMa) “really stands out as a place to go downtown,” said Nelson Ai, a third-year in middle childhood education. “The artistic feel of the place makes it an interesting place to have a costume party.”

With two dance floors and a three-tier design, BoMA is aiming to outdo all other Halloween parties it has hosted to date by booking three performers to fit the mold.

The guy-gal duo Sleigh Bells, Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss, were signed to a record label by the mind behind 2008’s Grammy-winning record “Paper Planes,” Mathangi Arulpragasam, who is better known by her stage name M.I.A.

Sleigh Bells’ debut album “Treats,” released this past summer, gained positive reception from music critics and hit No. 39 on the overall Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

“I’ve been listening to dubstep for a few years now,” said Evan Lee, an undecided second-year. “It’s the perfect party music, fist-pumping and all.”

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