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First steps to find your fashion sense

Some people have a signature dance move, others have a signature phrase, but very few people have a signature style. As a college student, you might want to experiment and play around with different looks until you find what suits you. While you figure out how to stock your dream closet, there are some basic styles that you can toy with.

For those of you who like structured garments and clean lines, the “classic look” is a good place to get ideas. This closet is all about investment pieces that never go out of style. Start with a pair of trouser jeans that fit you well — not too tight, not too loose. If the jeans fit you properly, they should hug your hips and thighs, and the hemline will hang above the ground. I also recommend a white Oxford button-down shirt. This key item can be dressed up or down with a sweater or a cute jacket.

For this chilly weather, a peacoat is an absolute must. Paired with a plaid wool scarf, your outerwear is complete.

If you want a more effortless look, “boho-chic” is a fun option. This style gives you plenty of creative license and always changes with the seasons. A good pair of skinny jeans is essential for this look. Make sure the area around your ankles will fit into a pair of leather boots — Winter 2011’s “it” accessory. If you like cowgirl boots, wear them. Motorcycle boots can make this look more unique too. Any boot is a good boot — if the shoe fits, wear it.

“Boho-chic” is all about what’s on top. Flowing, loose-fitting shirts are a good place to start. These are easy to find just about anywhere, and I suggest floral patterns or natural colors like greens, browns and beiges. Of course, this nippy weather requires us to bundle up. Some big chunky knit sweaters are warm and stylish. Look for crocheted cardigans with lots of material to snuggle up in. Spice it up with a colorful leather belt and a slouchy beanie.

If you’re looking for something a little more fierce, “the trendy rebel” is something you can try. A good leather jacket is the No. 1 must-have for this style. It should fit snug to your shoulders and the sleeves should reach to the end of your wrists. Black leggings and some killer black boots are essential. You can decide if “pleather” leggings are a good fit for you — they assume you like to be the center of attention. Boots can be flat or high-heeled, booties or knee-high or anything in-between. Pair the leggings and boots with a tunic-style shirt. You should be able to see it under your leather jacket.

Whatever style you choose, make sure it fits your lifestyle. Be practical and dress for your day. If you’re planning on rushing from class to class, wear comfortable walking shoes. Maybe you’ll be sitting for a while and jeans can get uncomfortable. Planning ahead will help you avoid a fashion fiasco. Most importantly, be confident in whatever you wear, because when you feel good, you look good.

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