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Men’s gymnastics coach Miles Avery resigns

Ohio State Department of Athletics

Ohio State men’s gymnastics coach Miles Avery resigned his position with the team Wednesday to pursue other opportunities.

“We appreciate everything coach Avery has done to keep Ohio State as one of the elite men’s gymnastics programs in the nation,” said Heather Lyke, associate athletics director for sport administration, in a press release. “He has built traditions, sustained success and positively impacted the lives of our student-athletes, developing them into leaders academically, athletically and personally.”

Avery will be exploring different ventures including gymnastics camps, clinics and public speaking.

“If ever I was going to do it, now’s the time,” Avery told The Lantern.

Avery served as assistant coach with the Buckeyes from 1989 to 1997 and took the reins as head coach in 1998. In his 13 years at the helm for the Buckeyes, he earned one NCAA title and five Big Ten championships. He is a three-time recipient of USA Gymnastics Coach of the Year and five-time recipient of Big Ten coaching honors.

“One of the highlights of my college coaching career is that I could win an NCAA title at home,” Avery said.

His coaching expertise extends beyond his work with OSU. He served as assistant coach for the U.S. Olympic teams in the last four Olympic games.

Last season, former Buckeye Brandon Wynn won a national championship with an NCAA-high 16.3 on rings, etching his name in the OSU record book. Wynn is one of six Buckeyes who earned a national title under Avery.

“We’ll see if hopefully Brandon Wynn makes that next run and that I can be there at the next one (Olympic games) to help him achieve his goal of being an Olympic medalist,” Avery said.

The decision is effective immediately and assistant coaches Blaine Wilson and Doug Stibel have been named as interim co-head coaches.

Wilson and Blaine are in their seventh and 10th seasons, respectively, with the Buckeyes. Avery has complete confidence in the tenacity of the pair.

“Without a doubt Blaine Wilson, three-time Olympian, that just about says it all,” Avery said.


  1. Haha! Funny how you got the comments deleted Monica. Was it ruining your business that’s practically falling apart already?

  2. Agreed. For the people who do not know, there was hundreds of comments on here stating true facts about OSEGA. These facts were not pleasant. Monica and Miles Avery have have committed lies upon other several lies. Do not bring your child to this gym beca

    Agreed. For the people who do not know, there was hundreds of comments on here stating true facts about OSEGA. These facts were not pleasant. Monica and Miles Avery have have committed lies upon other several lies. Do not bring your child to this gym because you will be stuck in many rat traps.

  3. Agreed. For the people who do not know, there was hundreds of comments on here stating true facts about OSEGA. These facts were not pleasant. Monica and Miles Avery have have committed lies upon other several lies. Do not bring your child to this gym because you will be stuck in many rat traps.

  4. You know who this is

    The one running her mouth the worst about Monica and Miles needs to worry about paying her own bills and not running them into the ground.

  5. The people who post negative comments who think they know the Avery’s obviously don’t. Now 4 years after they bought the gym Asheville’s finest bullies are still at it. Why in the heck would you think they would ever want you in their gym. Is this what you teach your children how to treat people how to be bullies? If it continues I will get every ones IP computer address who you are and report every person who have written libel statements. Don’t even think for one minute this is Monica or Miles their dedicated employees or family it’s not. Why don’t you people move on and leave them alone. My god after 4 years don’t you people have a life outside of running your mouth on things you think you know and I am telling you you don’t. Is that why you claim they have lied but it’s funny you don’t name one thing they’ve lied about. You think something is a lie because you don’t know crap. To accuse Monica of being able to have Ohio State remove postings really. You are really trying anything to get attention.

  6. Thank You !

  7. Dear Monica and Miles & family. You are welcome. I just had to take a stand on the people who think they know you guys. It crap has gone on way too long with these untruths & they think they know you guys. Maybe because they possibility came to the gym for a month or two if that, they think they know who you guys are. They rant on how you arent sick, if they only knew how you do struggle every waking moment to keep going. I know, your family knows, & really who gives a damn frankly if they believe you or not. You of all people shouldn’t. They should of been so lucky to have such loving, caring, giving, dedicated, top notched professional coaches like you & Miles & as owners as well who sacrifice so much to make a great place for kids and their families. You wouldn’t want anyone in your gym that aren’t team players & so obviously rude who outright lies & spreads gossip. All they stand for is hate, being abusive, rude individuals who teach their kids to be bullies by the examples they show just on this website alone. I know you had no idea who wrote the comment you said thanks too but with the names above now you should. Keep looking to the future & lets these people be in your rear mirror & never look back.

    Your so welcome.

  8. Ok haters yep it’s lateI am tired & I am not trailer trash & uneducated as you accused me of before. Yep made typos & repeats in my post. The only real point to my two post on January 26th & May1st is you think you know the Avery’s or their family let me fill you in you don’t. Let me guarantee you one thing, both Miles & Monica didn’t get where they are in gymnastics on your recommendations & accomplished what they have with their gymnasts on anything anyone of you haters had to say here or on any other platform. Especially Miles. He is absoutely one of the nicest down to earth & caring men I have ever have the privilege to know besides my husband. So get over yourself, I guarantee your not so darn perfect yourself.

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  10. Really get a life! So how perfect are you?

  11. Monica put out in the Ashville Citizen Times she was an Elite Gymnast and slated for the Olympics. Completely untrue. Only competed Level 8 and quit. I was one of her coaches.

  12. If you were one of her coaches, than you should be proud of her instead of digging in the past.

  13. Maybe Monica shouldn’t had lied to the media in Asheville about her gymnastic career. It degrades all those kids who work so hard and did reach the Elite level and were hoping to be chosen for the Olympics. But she was never even close. Never said she wasn’t a good gymnast or coach. You don’t lie to the people you employ, the parents and especially the kids who want to do like you did just to bolster yourself or gym. Frankly it is shocking and disappointing that Mr. Avery with all his great achievements allowed her to tell the media that.

  14. This is Monica Avery and who are you to tell me what level I reached ? Are you one of my coaches from Karolyis? I doubt that Jeff or Maryanne or Russ or Martha and Bela themselves A would be reading an Asheville article and B would have never said those things. The way it worked at Karolyis if you knew anything about it, is the 8 hand picked to be on their HOPEs team trained Elite until they achieved their skills then we tested out. So yes I tested elite but NO I never competed it and never said I did not once !! And FYI the team I was training on was the up and coming kids for the Olympics. Seeing how Dominique and Kim are good friends of mine unlike you, make sure you ask them the next time you see them ok ?? BTW anonymous be brave enough to state your name since you seem to know about my life as a gymnast so well !! I bet you won’t because you only spread lies and wouldn’t dare show yourself to those who know my life journey a little better then you !!

  15. Karina Dionne it’s about time you grew up and moved on. Your child is still the only child to date that we have kicked out of our gym for her negative behavior towards her teammates and it’s easy to see why! Look who her parents are !! To tell anther child to touch your gold medal so you could see what winning feels like would never be tolerated at my gym or any other for that fact !! It’s been 2 years now so move on already or we can go ahead and finish in court for the years of slander … Our gym is highly successful and will continue to remain that way no matter what stunt you try to keep pulling. The ones who are there and have been there know how much we love those kids and treat them better then any other gym would in Asheville. We don’t have kids dropping from heat exhaustion or bulemic kids from coaches calling them fat !! We are the best gym in Asheville as every family says when they walk through our doors because they can see the difference in what we provide for their family and child. How about you worry about your daughter and the gym your at !!

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