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Fashion Blog: 1/7

Welcome to the new year. For all the trendsetters out there, this is the time to find different clothes to create fresh styles. Unfortunately, college students don’t usually have the means to recreate their closets every Jan. 1. But there are plenty of ways to revamp your current wardrobe to make it look brand new.

Shorts are not just for summer anymore. Opaque tights under a pair of jean or linen shorts are a great alternative to the basic skinny jeans. Your legs will stay warm and the layers give you plenty of opportunity to be creative. For example, pair patterned tights with solid-colored shorts, or try layering patterns by using printed tights underneath. You can add a pop of color to an otherwise subdued outfit with brightly colored tights.

Sweaters can become boring this time of year because we wear the same ones, the same way. Instead of using just one, try layering them. Do this by wearing a thin V-neck sweater under an oversized, chunky knit one. The combination of textures will make the clothes look completely different and you’ll be much warmer than if you opt for a cotton T-shirt under a big sweater. If you have an extra-thick cardigan, try throwing it on in place of a bulky winter jacket. Also, don’t be afraid to mix prints like Fair Isle, animal and floral.

If you’re bored with your riding boots, accesorize them with some legwarmers. These will keep your calves warm in the winter weather and fit over almost any pair of skinny jeans or jeggings. They come in all colors and sizes at various stores, but if you’ve been to an ‘80s-themed party, I’m sure they’re in your closet somewhere.

Making a basic T-shirt into something new is always a challenge. The solution is to avoid thinking of T-shirts as a standalone item. They can be layered to create an entirely new look. Combine a graphic tee with a long-sleeve cardigan to give the shirt a more “grown-up” feel. If you own thinner long-sleeve T-shirts, wear two and cuff the sleeves to display both colors.

Pump up a classic peacoat by changing the belt. Find ones with bright colors or bold prints to add some sass to this sophisticated coat. If you know how to tie a tie, you can use that as a belt too. Or, if the pattern is what appeals to you, just tie it in a bow for a feminine touch.

Jewelry and accessories are a major part of recreating your style. Hoop earrings or oversized necklaces can jazz up any jeans and T-shirt combination. Fingerless gloves add an edginess to outerwear and hats with earflaps will keep your head warm and add a playfulness to your entire outfit.

The new year is all about trying new things. Be creative and think of clothing unconventionally. Chances are you’ll find a style all your own. You don’t need to buy new clothes to change your look, you just need to know how to wear them.

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