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Fisher doubles printing price

Students using the printers at Fisher College of Business’ computer labs will now pay double the previous amount per page for black-and-white prints. The new charge of 4 cents per page was implemented at the start of Winter Quarter.

“What we were (previously) charging was less than (our) cost,” said David Blum, chief information officer for Fisher College, of the two-cent-per-page increase.

Full-time business students studying at Fisher pay a technology fee of $126 per quarter. Of that fee, $10 was previously allocated to pay for 500 pages of black-and-white prints. Now, $20 of the technology fee goes to paying for 500 prints.

But even with the price hike, the $126 technology fee remains unchanged. This allows business students to print up to 500 pages at no additional cost.

According to a release from the Office of Information Technology, part-time business students will also receive an increased allotment for prints based on the number of credit hours they take each quarter.

Blum said he didn’t believe there would be any negative backlash from students because even at 4 cents per page, Fisher’s computer lab is still the cheapest place on campus to print black-and-white.

The William Oxley Thompson Memorial Library and Science and Engineering Library charge 10 cents per page to print black-and-white.

Blum said there are no plans to increase the price to print again in the near future.

There are three computer labs in the Fisher College of Business — one in Gerlach Hall and two in Mason Hall.

“It’s too early in the quarter to tell (the impact),” said Jeff Hehr, a graduate student pursuing a master’s in accounting.

In each Fisher computer lab there are flyers notifying students of the changes. Tyler Gilbert, a graduate student pursuing a master’s in accounting, was unaware of the increase in prices.

“I didn’t know they were doing it,” Gilbert said. “But I can’t imagine it making too much of a difference.”

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