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Two women held at gun point in University Village

Columbus police said they are looking for three suspects who held two women at gun point and burglarized their home in University Village Tuesday night.

The suspects entered the home on Harley Drive at about 10:55 p.m. and stole electronics, but the residents were not injured, said Detective T. Cress of the Columbus Police Department.

Of the three suspects, two were described as black males ages 18-25. Witnesses did not clearly see the third suspect.

University Village sent a notice of the crime along with safety tips to residents of the complex by 12 p.m., said Kim Cory, University Village leasing and marketing manager.

“We do take this seriously and want to assure our residents and their families that we are taking every measure possible to make sure that University Village is the safe community that they’ve been accustomed to,” Cory said.

Cory said though some criticized University Village’s timeliness in notifying residents of the crime, the wait was necessary for an effective response.

“We did respond,” Cory said. “We’re not dodging the bullets, we’re addressing it.”

University Village will extend shifts and increase the number of courtesy patrol officers, who are currently privately contracted by the housing company seven days a week, Cory said. Crime will still be a possibility.

“You can’t completely eliminate crime everywhere, crime does happen pretty much anywhere,” she said.


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