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Friday Fashion: Healthy skin goes great with anything

A good outfit and great makeup are the perfect partnership. You can’t have one without the other — it just wouldn’t be right. Finding the best makeup for your skin type can be tricky, but there are a few basic tips that will work for just about anyone.


I recently interviewed cosmetic expert and entrepreneur of EES Cosmetic Solutions, Edward Schack, to find out his thoughts on skincare, nail polish and going green.


It’s a fact: The key to great-looking makeup is clear skin. Unfortunately, for most college students, this feels like an unattainable goal. Luckily, Schack provided me with some basic rules for keeping your skin clear and under control.


“Even with acne, you need to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize,” he said. “Use oil-free products, especially moisturizer. Maintaining a consistent regimen should help in keeping acne under control.”


He also recommends investing in a quality acne-fighting product for those of us with skin exceptionally prone to breakouts.


Another issue for college students is money. Believe it or not, there is affordable makeup out there. Schack recommends shopping at “Wal-Mart and the big box stores.” Makeup brands he suggests are Revlon for facial and skincare products and Sally Hansen for nail polish. I have also found through my own experimentation that Maybelline tends to have the best mascara and L’Oreal has great eyeliners. If you still prefer to shop at Sephora, look for giant makeup palettes — you get more for your money and can easily experiment with new colors.


My favorite trend in makeup is eco-friendly lines. I think a biodegradable tube of lipstick is awesome. These lines also tend to be organic and I find them to be a lot healthier for my skin because they aren’t made with such harsh chemicals. Schack said Burt’s Bees lip balm is a good way to “go green.”   


“Burt’s Bees really live up to their commitment to be socially conscious and environmentally friendly,” Schack said.


He also said big companies like Estée Lauder are becoming more prevalent in the “green technology and sustainability” fields.


Nail polish is important to any look.


“Nude or light beige is always classic and popular. Corals or additional shades of beiges or browns will work,” Schack said.


I also love the baby blue and lovely lavender nail polish trends that are happening this spring.


Finally, when I asked him the one product you should always have with you when leaving the house, his answer was simple.


“Mascara, since the eyes are one of the first things we notice on people.”

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