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Friday Fashion: Sundresses, flip flops and spring break fun

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With only two weeks until spring break, we’re all figuring out how we’re going to fit everything we need into one suitcase. Of course you’ll want your standard shorts and tank tops, but there are a few other necessities I recommend bringing along.

Since you plan on spending plenty of days on the beach, a trustworthy carryall is a must. I suggest a standard L.L.Bean tote bag to hold sunscreen, magazines, a towel, a book and an iPod. You can also use this bag as your carryall on the airplane.

To avoid serious tan lines, bring two bathing suits — one with straps and one without. Victoria’s Secret has plenty of options for all kinds of body types. Feel free to wear a bikini or a one-piece. Try to bring one solid color bathing suit and one printed — you might be able to mix and match.

While you’re relaxing on the beach, make sure to protect your eyes and face with a floppy sunhat and sunglasses. Look for hats with oversized brims that cover your face to avoid sunburn — especially on your nose.

You might want to skip the sunglasses because of tan lines, but keep in mind, constantly squinting against the sunlight will give you crow’s feet later in life and could create strange tan lines around your eyes.

I also suggest bringing plenty of sundresses. They will save you tons of valuable suitcase space. Cotton dresses will keep you cool and comfortable while shopping, eating out or just hanging by the pool. For going out at night, bring a maxi dress. Its longer style will keep your legs warm, no matter where your trip takes you. Jersey material tends to be the most flattering on all body types. You can find affordable dresses at Old Navy and Target.

On any trip, I always have the most trouble deciding what shoes to bring with me and usually take too many. The solution is to think about your attire and bring footwear that can go with multiple outfits and take up very little room in your suitcase. I recommend black rubber flip flops, leather flip-flops, sneakers like Keds, and white flats or a pair of espadrilles. Old Navy has the most affordable rubber flip-flops, American Eagle has a great selection of leather sandals, and you can find affordable tennis shoes and flats at Payless.

A few other things I like to have with me are a cover-up, a linen scarf, earrings and necklaces, and a comfortable sweatshirt for walks on the beach at night.

The easiest way to avoid over-packing is to make a list. Plan out your week and decide, generally, what you’re going to wear and when. Besides, if you don’t over-pack, you’ll be able to do more shopping while you’re on vacation.

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