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New sandwich shop cooks up ‘playfully gourmet sandwiches’

Walking down High Street hungry, looking for a new place to eat?

Commonwealth Sandwich Bar is the answer. Hidden near a tattoo parlor and an Army-Navy store on the corner of 8th Avenue and High Street, Commonwealth creates an urban nook for on-the-go, gourmet sandwiches.

But Commonwealth isn’t like Subway.

Commonwealth provides a variety of sandwich creations that will tempt your taste buds and satisfy an empty stomach.

The shop is simply designed with walls of bare brick and sheet metal. There are only three bar-height tables, as the small space is designed for take-out. Yet, the hanging artwork brings a flair of personality, featuring paintings from local artist Nick Stull.

Most ingredients are mixed and matched with various house-cured meats and pickled vegetables, creating uniquely-named sandwiches. You won’t find an Urban Cowboy, Guilty Pleasure or Thai Shtick at many other places.

Typical ingredients appear in the Spiced Chicken sandwich, made with roast chicken, house-cured bacon, cheddar cheese, shaved red onions, port wine barbecue sauce and pickled jalapeños.

After ordering the Kiss Me, I was pleasantly surprised by how flavorful and filling the sandwich was. The only complaint was that it was a little too oily. However, this was the last thing from my mind as I gushed about the warm Gorgonzola.

The varying sandwich options will be another thing that draws me back to Commonwealth.

If you’re in the mood for breakfast, there is the Saturday 6 A.M., a battered and deep-fried stack of bacon, cheddar, Swiss and a fried egg drizzled with port wine barbecue sauce.

The most entertaining menu item, Elvis Lives, features spicy coconut-spiked peanut butter, sweet cream cheese and bananas. This is the Young Elvis version, but you can just as easily try the Old Elvis, which adds house-cured bacon.

Sweet potato and regular fries can be added to a sandwich by the half-pound, served with one of Commonwealth’s beverages made with pure cane sugar and natural ingredients.

Scoops of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams are also available, and customers are encouraged to combine them with one of the sodas for an ice cream float.

Typically, a meal will cost anywhere from $7 to $12.

Overall, I thought Commonwealth’s self-described “playfully gourmet sandwiches” were a delectable alternative from the typical deli shop. If you’re looking for a change of pace, I definitely recommend grabbing a bite from this unique sandwich bar.

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