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Police tackle 13-year-old who set wheels in motion for bike theft near Morrill Tower

Campus police responded to a call from a Morrill Tower staff member at 4:11 p.m. on Monday involving a bicycle theft in front of the residence hall. The staff member reported suspicious activity.

The staff member could not be reached for comment.

Emily Widener, a second-year in communications, said she noticed two males in the Morrill Tower parking lot when she was coming back from class at about 4 p.m.

She said she saw “two kids around the bikes that looked really suspicious and looking to see if the bikes had locks on it and one of the kids was already on the bike.”

Widener did not report the incident because she was unsure of what was going on. She continued to her dorm room in Morrill Tower.

When police arrived on the scene, one suspect was on a bicycle and began riding away from the police, according to Richard Morman, deputy chief of Ohio State campus police. Morman said a police officer tackled the suspect, a 13 year old, in order to stop him from riding away.

Widener heard the police sirens and looked out her window, which overlooks the parking lot, and saw the suspect being tackled.

The other suspect, age 20, was with another bicycle. He did not try to ride away and told police that it belonged to a friend and he was borrowing it, although he could not give the name of the friend. Morman said there was “a good chance that both of them (the bicycles) might be stolen.”

The incident report indicates the use of a “knife/cutting instrument” as a weapon.

Police are now in possession of both bicycles, and no one has claimed them.

“We did make two apprehensions out of the theft of the bike,” Morman said. The suspects were not taken into custody.

The suspects’ names cannot be released because they have not been criminally charged, and the first suspect is a juvenile. The suspects will not be criminally charged until police can identify a victim. According to the incident report, the suspects would be charged with a misdemeanor.

One of the bicycles is a blue Huffy Crosswinds. The other is identified as a white BMX bicycle. If you are the owner of either of these bikes you can call the campus police at the non-emergency line: 614-292-2121. Morman asks that you be able to prove ownership of the bicycle, with either a serial number or a description of an identifying mark.

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