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Commentary: Going gaga over Lady Gaga is justified

Photo courtesy of MCT

Lady Gaga released her much ballyhooed album, “Born This Way,” yesterday and the response has further etched her status as a superstar in stone.

Amazon offered the album for 99 cents Monday, and as a result, Amazon’s Web servers slowed to a near halt because of the response.

Gaga’s Web presence is a reflection of her massive fanbase. Just last week, she surpassed 10 million followers on Twitter, becoming the first Twitter user to do so.

Her official music videos on YouTube are even more successful, with her most viewed video, “Bad Romance,” notching more than 380 million views.

Gaga has more than 34 million fans on her Facebook page, compared to more than 20 million for President Barack Obama.

She also surpassed Oprah as the world’s most influential person last week on a Forbes list.

Regardless of your thoughts on her music, her personality or her politics, there’s no denying her starpower. Sure, Gaga is a polarizing figure, but hasn’t that been the norm with the world’s biggest stars?

Elvis, Michael Jackson and Madonna were just as criticized for their personalities and/or sexuality, yet they still made music widely loved by the masses.

Lady Gaga will forever be controversial. She stands up for minorities, plays on religion and wears silly dresses, but she’s still an A-plus entertainer. Based on her volume of fans, she’s doing something right and her starpower will only keep growing.

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