Of all the people happy to see the Ohio State football program falling apart at the seams, Michigan seems to have found a way to make its cheers the loudest.

A new Scarlet and Gray billboard recently appeared in Michigan along Interstate 94 that reads, “Liar, Liar, Vest on Fire!”

A representative from CBS Outdoor said he cannot release details of the contract, but The Detroit News reported the purchaser was a Michigan fan who wishes to remain anonymous.


It seems a little odd that someone willing to go so far as to buy a 14-by-48-foot billboard on a busy highway to tell people what he or she thinks about the NCAA investigation of OSU coach Jim Tressel would want to remain anonymous.

The cost of the billboard varies depending on the length of the contract, the number of billboards purchased and the location.

Maybe whoever bought the billboard just didn’t want to face the wrath of Buckeye fans everywhere who would be angered by the sign.

Or maybe the fan wanted to be the faceless, nameless voice of all the excited Michigan fans who believe that, if Tressel is gone, their school actually has a hope of beating OSU.

Whoever this billboard belongs to, in five short words their gigantic sign is taking a powerful shot at the sweater-vest-wearing Tressel, along with the OSU football program.

The giant sign is just a visual representation of what many feel is the reality of this investigation: that Tressel is guilty of everything he is being accused of.

The OSU coach has been accused of knowing that several of his players received improper benefits and of not reporting it to the NCAA.

Five Buckeyes, including quarterback Terrelle Pryor, offensive lineman Mike Adams, running back Dan Herron, wide receiver DeVier Posey and defensive lineman Solomon Thomas are suspended for the first five games of the 2011 season for selling memorabilia and receiving improper benefits. Tressel will join them for not reporting their infractions and faces further punishment from the NCAA.

Whether the accusations are true, whoever posted this billboard had something he or she felt the need to say — and it needed to be public.

Doesn’t it say in the Constitution that all those accused have the right to face their accuser?

Guilty or not, doesn’t Tressel deserve that same kind of respect? Shouldn’t he know who’s saying what about him, especially when it’s plastered on a giant billboard?

Either way, this controversial sign might only be up a short while longer.

According to The Detroit News, the sign was only paid to be up for a week and might come down Thursday.

However, the representative from CBS Outdoor told The Lantern the minimum length of a contract is four weeks.

In the end, does it really matter? Tressel has a 9-1 record against the Wolverines while at the helm for the Buckeyes.