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Construction to move in before move out

A construction project on Ohio State’s North Campus might cause moving out to be a little more hectic.

The university will close off West Woodruff Avenue from Curl Drive/College Road to Tuttle Park Place starting Monday.

Tom Ekegren, project manager, said the construction costs about $9.2 million.

The initial date to start on Woodruff Avenue was supposed to be later, but Thyrone Henderson, associate director of University Residences and Dining Services, said in an email to The Lantern that the original start date had to change.

“Because of the timeline, the project team has made the decision to begin the work a few weeks prior to graduation,” he said.

Justin Frantz, a first-year in biology and resident of Haverfield House on the corner Woodruff and Curl Drive, said he thinks the construction could have waited a little longer.

“Wait until the year is over. Wait until campus has cleared out,” Frantz said. “Personally, I don’t do studying in the dorm, but I’m sure the sound will be obnoxious.”

Henderson said the construction team has been made aware of finals week (June 6-10) and will keep the increased sensitivity to noise in mind.

Henderson said the planned working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, but at least two of the four crosswalks crossing Woodruff Avenue will be maintained at all times. He said the work will begin on the east side near Curl Drive and work west toward Tuttle Park Place.

The bus stops on Woodruff Avenue will be relocated to 19th Avenue between Monday and the end of the quarter. During move out, there will be a route to cross Woodruff leading to the “driveway” near Blackburn House connecting it with 19th Avenue, Henderson said.

Stephanie McGhee, a first-year in forestry, fisheries and wildlife, is a resident of Blackburn House on North Campus. She said she is unhappy about the decision to start the construction now.

“(The noise) is probably going to impact studying a lot and there will probably be a lot more trips to the library and not as much homework being done in the dorms,” she said.

McGee said the construction should have waited because a lot of the residents in Blackburn use the bus stop on Woodruff Avenue since their classes are on West Campus.

“I don’t think they thought about the repercussions of the construction. They are not keeping the students in mind at all and it’s going to be very frustrating,” McGee said.

This construction is to improve the infrastructure in the Academic Core North that also includes the 19th Avenue Duct Bank, a 17th Avenue rebuild, the Chemical Biomolecular Engineering Building, and East Regional Chilled Water Plant, according to the Facilities, Operation and Development website.

All of these represent the Framework Plan, an initiative implemented in June 2010 to further academics and research, residential life, the medical center, arts and culture, athletics and recreation, the river and open space, transportation and parking, energy and infrastructure, and sustainability, according to the FOD website.

The construction is projected to be finished by November 2011.

Andrea Chaffin and Mallory Treleaven contributed to this story.


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