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Zombie flash mob comes to life at Ohio Union

45 p.m. in the Ohio Union Friday.

With the week-long battle of human versus zombies, talk of a zombie apocalypse and the OSU Flash Mob’s thrilling performance at the Ohio Union, it is safe to say zombies have officially taken over campus.

A group of 10 Ohio State students, all members of the OSU Flash Mob, entertained students, faculty and community members at the Union while performing Michael Jackson’s 1984 hit “Thriller.”

Students were so eager to see the next performance by the OSU Flash Mob that the balconies and main floor of the Ohio Union started to fill up as early as 12:30 p.m. Friday, said Max Snyderman, a second-year math major and president of the organization.

“There were so many people and a better crowd then I could have imagined. It was just awesome,” Snyderman said. “I was really surprised at the beginning because I arrived about an hour and a half early, and there were already people here. I just thought, ‘I better not screw this up.'”

The Facebook event “Thrill The Union,” which Snyderman assumed was the give-away for the performance, stated the starting time was to be Friday at 1:30 p.m. Due to class conflicts of the “zombies,” the performance started around 1:35 p.m.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” began to play over the loud speakers in the Union as 10 casually dressed students, some dropping to the floor and crawling, set in a formation facing the main staircase for everyone to see. The audience cheered as the members of the OSU Flash Mob impersonated zombies and danced to the almost five-minute song.

Eve Esch, assistant director at the Ohio Union, said Snyderman first came to her with the idea about two or three weeks ago, and she thought it was a great idea for the Union and students to watch.

“The students love to use the Union as a performance venue and we’re always happy to have them,” Esch said. “I think it went really well and the crowd was amazing.”

For the past two weeks, the students practiced the “Thriller” dance twice a week in the RPAC, said Ti’Air Riggins, a fifth-year biomedical engineering major.

Snyderman learned the dance for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” this quarter and said he is “now able to do it in my sleep.”

Zombies have become quite popular recently with the conclusion of the week long battle, Human vs Zombies, and the trending topic, ZombieApocalypse, on Twitter. But Snyderman said this performance has absolutely nothing to do with the supposed end of the world tomorrow.

“It just seemed like a cool idea and performance to do,” Snyderman said.

Although many students knew about this event because of Facebook, some were completely unaware of the zombie takeover.

Heather Miller, a first-year in pharmacy, was studying between classes when she noticed furniture was being cleared off the main floor and an unusual amount of students started to fill the Union.

“I figured something was going on,” Miller said. “Then someone started crawling past me (on the floor) and I was like, ‘Oh! Well, that’s really cool!'”

Miller said this experience is unlike anything she’s ever witnessed before.

“If this video (of the performance) goes online I’m definitely going to show people and be like, ‘Look what I saw! Look what my school did!'” Miller said.

Another flash mob group performed Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” last spring quarter in the Ohio Union, and has generated almost 443,000 hits on YouTube.

Snyderman said students who missed Friday’s performance can expect the video to be posted relatively soon on YouTube.

“I think it’s great we performed this,” Riggins said. “The atmosphere at OSU always encourages individuality, and it was just a cool experience.”

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