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More NCAA scrutiny still to come for Jim Tressel, Ohio State?

Jessica Shambaugh / Copy chief

Ohio State’s meeting with the NCAA is over, but an ongoing investigation of Jim Tressel could have major implications for both the former football coach and OSU. 

In a letter dated July 13, the NCAA’s director of enforcement, Stephanie J. Hannah, wrote to Shep Cooper, the NCAA’s director of the Committee on Infractions, to inform him additional issues involving Tressel remain open for investigation and could provide the basis for the NCAA to contend that OSU lacked institutional control of its football program during parts of Tressel’s decade-long tenure.

In the letter to Cooper, which was sent to Gene Marsh, Tressel’s attorney, and attorney Chuck Smrt, who was hired by OSU to preside over their side of the on-going investigation, Hannah wrote:

“The institution (OSU) understands and agrees that additional allegations may result from the ongoing inquiry and that the violations set forth in the current notice of allegations may form the partial basis for a failure to monitor of lack of institutional control when viewed in light of any additional violations. The institution also understands that if new violations are discovered, a second hearing may be necessary.

“Mr. Marsh also stated that he understood that the continuing investigation could potentially lead to additional allegations involving Mr. Tressel.”

Though his presence was not required, Tressel attended OSU’s Friday meeting with the Committee on Infractions. 

In a statement released after the meeting, Tressel said that he had an open and constructive exchange with the Committee on Infractions.

“They were well prepared and will now go about their work in deliberations,” Tressel said. “Again, I would like to apologize to the Buckeye nation, most especially to the players, staff and fans who remain so dear to me.”

“I have no further statement at this time.”

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