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Braxton Miller sits in OSU’s victory against Toledo

Cody Cousino / Photo editor

It seems Ohio State head coach Luke Fickell has made his decision about who his starting quarterback is.

Senior quarterback Joe Bauserman was under center for the entire game against Toledo on Saturday afternoon. True freshman quarterback Braxton Miller did not see a single snap.

With OSU’s back up against the wall, trailing to Toledo in the second quarter, Fickell opted to go with the senior instead of the freshman in the game. Fickell said after the game that the game plan was to have Miller play in the second quarter.

“We were going to use him, we had a plan maybe to be in that second quarter, very similar to last week,” Fickell said. “It just didn’t work out the way we had probably planned it in our head, and we’ll continue to move forward.”

Bauserman did not play to the standards he set for himself last week, passing for 189 yards and a touchdown. He completed just more than 50 percent of his passes, but did not turn the ball over.

“I want to get back and look at the film. There were a lot of throwaways down there,” Bauserman said. “Maybe I could have squeezed them in, but most important thing is no turnovers.”

Fickell described the decision to not play Miller as a gut decision.

“It’s just one of those gut decisions you’ve got to make out there,” Fickell said. “We’ve made some changes defensively that we had planned that maybe we were going to go with, and things just weren’t going the way we had them planned.”

While Miller has the play-making ability that comes with a running quarterback, clearly Fickell will look to rely on the experience of the senior.

When asked about the added pressure that comes with being the starting quarterback, Bauserman said that he expects to be the guy to go out there and play.

“I expect to be in until they tell me not to be,” Bauserman said. “Got to be ready.”

Bauserman talked about Miller’s attitude on the sideline during the game.

“You’re always going to be frustrated when you’re not playing.” Bauserman said. “He came here to play… He’s learning and he’s got to be ready.”

Bauserman said that regardless of who is going to be quarterback, he’s always got to be ready to play. Fickell has decided, without saying it, that Bauserman is his quarterback.

“It shows that I have consistency and leadership,” Bauserman said. “If you don’t have the confidence, you can’t do that.”

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