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Friday Fashion: Back to school in style

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Welcome back! One of the major perks of heading back to school is that big “back to school” shopping trip. As a college student, you may not have the money to make this trip as major as it was in high school, but you can certainly make sure you have the essentials to start off fresh this fall season.

Buy a strong backpack. A sturdy bag that fits your textbooks and laptop is crucial. You’ll need to decide if you want a messenger bag, tote or traditional backpack. Whichever you choose, make sure it can handle the weight of your books and withstand rain and snow. I highly recommend a bag made of waterproof material that you can carry around comfortably all day.

Choose reliable rain boots. Waterproof shoes will come in handy throughout the entire year. You’ll use them on rainy days in the fall and spring, and in the winter you can wear them almost everyday to trudge through the snow on your walk to class. Opt for pairs that are made entirely of rubber or another durable material.

Find a fit you love. You should own at least three pairs of pants that you can wear every day. These can be jeans, chinos or even leggings. For the most outfit options, choose a variety of styles and colors from a brand you trust. Think about where you’ll be wearing these pants. Consider how you would dress them up or keep them casual.

What about a weatherproof jacket? With all the rain and wind this fall, you’ll definitely want a jacket that can handle anything Mother Nature brings your way. You’ll be walking to class all year and a weatherproof jacket will keep you dry even when you’re dealing with difficult umbrellas. For a jacket you can wear all year, choose one with removable insulation or wear layers underneath a thinner windbreaker.

Sport some comfy kicks. Whether you’re a gym rat or prefer just walking around campus, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must-have. Ohio State is a huge campus so everyday footwear is important. Tennis shoes are always a good option, but if you like boots or boat shoes, that’s fine too. Just make sure they have enough support to avoid ankle and knee issues.

These are investment pieces and items that you will use almost everyday while at college. I recommend spending a little more money on them to ensure you’re getting a quality good that will last you for at least the next year. Some of these items might even last you the next four!

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