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Bag enables device charging on the go

Courtesy of Powerbag

Product: Powerbag designed by fÅl

Price: Ranges from $139.99 – $249.99, depending on style

What is it?

A bag that features a built-in battery charging system to power several different digital devices.

The different bags are equipped with a complete charging system including a battery, Apple connector, Micro-and Mini-USB connectors and an on-board USB port. A Powerbag can charge up to four devices at one time with most of the common connectors out in today’s market.

What I think

I have been carrying and using the bag for two weeks now. I have the “Backpack,” which is said to be equipped with a battery system powerful enough to charge the average Smartphone twice.

When I heard I had the opportunity to try out the bag, I was excited. I am a fifth-year in journalism, so I am constantly on my phone interviewing people along with texting throughout the day, checking my email, Facebook and Twitter.

When I got the bag, it came fully charged so I instantly wanted to plug my phone in. When I found the pocket that housed the cords, I plugged in my phone … and nothing happened. Of course I didn’t read the directions.

I dug around and found the directions, which told me to press the button on the front of the bag and hold down for two seconds. Four lights lit up, which meant I was ready to go. My phone was then connected and charging.

Throughout the two weeks, I charged my first generation year-old Droid Incredible and my fifth generation iPod nano (color purple, because I know you were wondering).

When I used the life of the battery out of my backpack, it took a good two hours to be fully charged again.

It was easy to check the Powerbag’s charge level by pressing the Powerbag logo on/off button on the outside of the bag.

I usually plugged the bag in at night before I went to bed so I was ready to go in the morning, full of power.

The backpack is a good size and has the weight of any normal backpack. It is large enough to carry my computer (which the Powerbag cannot charge) and books and has a good organizational system in the front pocket for pens, pencils and all the little stuff that some how ends up in there.

Is it worth it?

I would say yes. When comparing it to a popular North Face backpack that would cost a buyer around $99, the price doesn’t seem so bad. Although it is one more thing to remember to charge, for college kids always on the go, it does and will keep you powered up.

The Different Bags

There are 10 different styles of bags that fall under the categories of backpacks, messenger bags and briefcases. Each bag is different, from the amount of battery life it offers to the variety of colors.

Check it out on campus

The Powerbag “Stay Charged” Tour started on Oct. 24 and will be at Ohio State on Thursday, Nov. 3, near the Ohio Union.

There will be a 37-foot interactive tour bus on campus. The Powerbag team will be hosting activities including video game stations, a chance to win prizes playing games such as Plinko and Cornhole and giveaways.

And of course, visitors will have a chance to try a Powerbag for themselves.


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