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New album from Lights shines bright

The soft, dream-like voice of Lights is back with her second studio album, “Siberia.” Lights is known for her synth-heavy sound and this album doesn’t disappoint.

In “Where the Fence is Low,” she includes a bit of that bass drop that is so crucial in dubstep. The combination of gritty beats in tandem with her sweet, angelic voice is a match made in electronic-pop heaven.

The album is like a fairy tale set in a winter wonderland, where Lights is the adventurous princess who’s looking for a good time outside the castle and possibly true love. The only anomaly in the flow of the album is the random faux rapper in the middle of “Everybody Breaks a Glass.” It throws the whole song off balance.

“Day One” is a long and trance-inducing instrumental that you could listen to for three minutes before realizing how relaxed you are. There’s a sort of out-of-body experience that comes along with this song and the whole album. It’s very surreal, yet extremely impressive for such a young artist.

If only artists like Lights could be more popular in the U.S. like Katy Perry, Ke$ha and LMFAO.

Sad songs like “Cactus in the Valley” deviate away from the heavy synth for a softer and more earnest sound. Her voice is very Tegan and Sara-esque and ethereal.

This album is where experimentation actually works. She uses aspects of dubstep in a different way than most mainstream artists are doing right now. She actually incorporates the bass into the song, instead of just adding it for cheap effects. “Fourth Dimension” is a great example of that.

“Siberia” is the epitome of musical experimentation and progression. Her long-time fans will be pleased, while still appealing to a new audience. She’s like an eight-layer ice cream cake you can’t stop eating.

Grade: A-

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