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Sarah Palin documentary, ‘You Betcha!,’ a bust

You Betcha!' scheduled to hit theaters Friday.

With Sarah Palin’s announcement that she will not be running for president in 2012, there’s really not much left to be said about her.

Still, “Sarah Palin: You Betcha!” the documentary by English filmmaker Nick Broomfield, doesn’t really offer anything about Palin that we don’t already know.

Broomfield descends on Wascilla, Ala. (Palin’s hometown) where he hopes to land an interview with her. He ultimately fails, but not before questioning virtually every enemy Palin has made in her political career, with a couple friends and family members sprinkled in.

The problem with “You Betcha!” is that it retells virtually everything we already know about Palin. We know about “Trooper-gate,” death panels and the moniker of “Sarah Barracuda” that she adopted playing high school basketball.

For the anti-Palin crowd, this documentary will affirm your stance. For those on the fence about Palin, “You Betcha!” won’t do any swaying.

Broomfield’s run-and-gun style in tracking Palin down for an interview was the only thing worth watching in “You Betcha!” but apart from a letdown-of-a-confrontation at the end, the film fails to capitalize on it, and doesn’t offer enough interesting moments to keep viewers tuned-in.

The doc shines in a couple instances, like when Broomfield pulls up to Palins’ parents’ house only to see a 10-foot pile of antlers. That moment, as well other similar moments, do enough to solidify the caricature-status Palin has garnered, but it doesn’t really seem like Broomfield is interested in trying to show any other side of her.

“You Betcha!” is an apt attempt at portraying Palin in a negative light, which frankly, isn’t difficult. The fact that it wasn’t difficult is the reason “You Betcha!” fails — it’s just lazy.

Grade: C-

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