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Bicycle thefts and open container violations

Open Container Violations

There were 18 reported open container violations on Nov. 5, in the hours during, before and after Ohio State’s home football game against Indiana.

The Ohio Revised Code 4301.62 regulates where open containers of beer or intoxicating liquor are prohibited, according to the Ohio Department of Commerce’s website.

Open containers are prohibited in any public place in Ohio.

Bicycle Thefts

Three bicycles were reported stolen on Nov. 2 from Ramseyer Hall, Houck House and Atwell Hall.

In unrelated incidents, bicycles were also reported stolen on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 from Steeb Hall and Cockins Hall.

A male student reported his bike stolen from the Lane Avenue Parking Garage on Nov. 6.

Another bicycle was reported stolen from the North French Field Lot on Nov. 7.

OSU Police encourage bicycle owners to register their bicycles for free at Blankenship Hall to help return stolen items.

Drug Paraphernalia/Possession

On Nov. 5, a male staff member reported possession of drug paraphernalia at Steeb Hall. Investigation on this report is still pending.

In an unrelated incident on the same day, a male staff member reported possession of drugs at Blankenship Hall.

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