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Common courtesy is always in style

Like corduroy jackets and popped collars, some things go out of style forever. But etiquette will always be in vogue. Some people don’t see the importance of practicing manners but there are a few rules of society that everyone should follow.

First and simply,, be on time. No one likes to be held up waiting on someone. It’s rude and you make a bad impression. Think ahead and make sure you plan accordingly to not be late.

Dress appropriately and groom. Common sense tells you that you shouldn’t go into a job interview wearing a pair of Daisy Duke cut-off shorts or gym shorts, but there are other parts to your appearance that matter, too. Make sure you’re not sporting a five o’clock shadow and your hair is brushed.

Put down your phone. Very few people are so important that they need to tweet in the middle of dinner. Texting or taking a call to chitchat gives the impression that you’re uninterested and that the other person is not important enough. Besides, putting down the phone once in a while can be a relief.

In this age of technology, you can never be too careful what you post online. Facebook and Twitter allow us to share every moment of our lives, but this is a blessing and a curse. You will never be able to take back that picture of you doing a keg stand or that tweet about how your boss is a jerk. It’s out there forever.

Tip well. There’s nothing worse than a cheap date. There’s a saying that a man’s shoe size is indicative of … well, you know. The same analogy can be applied to tipping. Bad tip equals bad gifts. And people who work for tips do their best to provide you with good service so your tip should reflect your appreciation.

Clean up your mouth. Not just with a toothbrush, which is important, too. But also with your language. It is offensive to be around someone who curses constantly or makes dirty remarks.

Yes, it’s cliché but chivalry is not dead. Manners go a long way to make a good impression. Make a point to remember these simple tips. It will not go unnoticed. 

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