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New laundry service washes away hassle

William Klein / Lantern reporter

Whether it be schoolwork, maintaining a social life or just pure laziness, students often don’t have time to do their laundry.

The new trend of laundry delivery services has reached college campuses across the country in the last few years, and now it has hit Ohio State.

Laundry U, founded by OSU alumnus Eddie Knezevich, opened in October and plans to be the universal mother for all Buckeyes by picking up, washing, folding and delivering their laundry in just 48 hours.

The idea for the service sparked when Knezevich spoke to a friend in a LSAT class who told him about these services that existed out west at schools in Arizona and California.

“When talking about it with my friend I truly realized how terrible my experience concerning laundry was during my tenure at Ohio State,” Knezevich said. “A lot of the housing companies don’t provide laundry facilities for their tenants and if they do, they charge a large fee.”

This is a service that will eliminate the stress of getting laundry done so students can concentrate on other things, Knezevich said.

The service currently has two options to get laundry picked up and dropped off.

If students live in a dormitory or apartment complex, the Laundry U truck will stay at that location once a week for a two-hour time slot so customers can drop off up to a 25-pound bag, and then come back 48 hours later to drop off the bags packed with clean, folded laundry.

“We currently have representatives in dorms like Smith, Baker, Canfield and others on south campus who spread the word to the students in their dorm and organize the weekly pickup,” Knezevich said.

If students live in a private residence, such as a fraternity or sorority, Laundry U will do a private pickup from the house on a weekly or biweekly basis, Knezevich said.

“We are hoping to branch out from group to individual pickups within the next two quarters,” Knezevich said. “But for now, we are just doing groups because logistically it makes more sense.”

The service will cost $23.99 per week once Autumn Quarter ends, but until then it will feature a special for $20 per week including the first week free after emailing an interest in the service. However, once students lock in for the weekly service, they must continue for the remainder of the quarter.

Students also have the option for a one-time service, costing a flat-rate of $29.99.

To give customers some freedom, students can purchase the biweekly package for $24.99 per pick up and have the service every other week.

Frank Ferritto, a fourth-year in finance, said the program seems convenient, but it is too expensive.

“I don’t see this service to be worth the money you are getting charged weekly,” Ferritto said. “Time is valuble, but not that valuble.”

The 25-pound bag is equivalent to about four to five loads of laundry, Knezevich said.

“By choosing any package, you are getting your laundry picked up, washed, folded and delivered to you for under a dollar-per-pound,” Knezevich said. “You are completely bypassing the trip to the laundromat, eliminating the risk that your clothes are getting stolen from a drop-off location and making your life a whole lot easier.”

It isn’t just cleanliness that he is concerned about, Knezevich said.

“Customer service is really important to Laundry U,” Knezevich said. “We are always listening to what our customers want and what suggestions they have. It is important that we hold up our end of the agreement and have students’ clothing back to them in 48 hours.”

Knezevich said he focuses on customer service, and some of his clientele has taken notice.

“The fact that their owner is doing some of the pickups shows that he really wants to know his customers and see what they like,” said Anthony O’Nesti, a second-year in exercise science. “They make sure my clothes are always done just like my mom would do them at home.”

Jaime Hegrat, a second-year in nursing, agrees.

“It has been an absolutely fabulous experience,” Hegrat said. “I really don’t have the time to do my laundry and being able to get it done for virtually the same price as a laundromat is a pretty great thing.”

Knezevich is proving that being an entrepreneur out of college is a viable option for students.

“If you have a good idea, there should be nothing holding you back,” Knezevich said. “This is project is my baby.”

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  1. I never knew that there are laundry drop off services that can help college students save time and money. My sister is moving away to go to college soon. This service seems it could help her focus on her anatomy class better.

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