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Thrash-metal band Sylosis travels to ‘Edge of Earth’ before Columbus stop

Courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records

For the British thrash-metal quartet Sylosis, perseverance was a necessity.

Sylosis is embarking on its first U.S. tour. The band is scheduled to headline at Alrosa Villa at 6 p.m. Sunday before starting their two-and-a-half week run with As I Lay Dying.

The band formed in Reading, England, in 2000, when its members were still in school.

Though there were numerous member changes throughout the years, the band continued to play shows and write music. Finally, in December 2007, its endurance paid off when it signed with the independent record label Nuclear Blast.

The band released its debut album, titled “Conclusion of an Age,” in 2008. At that time, Sylosis was made up of Jamie Graham on vocals, Josh Middleton on lead guitar, Alex Bailey on guitar, Carl Parnell on bass and Rob Callard on drums.

Now the band is set to come to Columbus.

“We hope that people come to see us for the first time in the U.S., and enjoy it,” Parnell told The Lantern.

In May 2010, Graham left the band. Middleton filled his position and now covers vocals and lead guitar. Sylosis released its most recent studio album, “Edge of the Earth,” in March.

Parnell discussed the band’s growing popularity, mentioning that it has recently been performing around the world.

“We’ve been to some interesting places, like India, to play for different people and huge crowds,” Parnell said. “When we first started and it was just local gigs with like 20 people.”

Last summer, Sylosis performed at Sonisphere, which was a touring metal festival that featured bands such as Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

“We were up on the main stage at Sonisphere Festival in the U.K. playing for 45,000 people,” Parnell said. “It was great.”

Sylosis’ live performances are never scripted, and are, therefore, unpredictable.

We never really plan or choreograph anything live,” Parnell said. “We just do what comes naturally. It’s all just as it comes. It’s more fun that way.”

This method is proving to be successful, and the crowd reacts well.

“This bunch of talented musicians definitely had the crowd mesmerized, especially when lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Middleton got going with his jaw dropping technical sweep picking,” said Chloe Headlong in a concert review on TheMetalheadz.com.

“Conclusion of an Age,” is also well-received by critics.

“What’s most important is that ‘Conclusion’ is a solid hour of the dead-on and the straight ahead, made up of the echoes and shadows of some of the tightest thrashed moments in memory,” said Sasha Horn of MetalReview.com.

Parnell said that the band plans to continue touring and recording albums.

“We’re going to continue to play music and tour the world,” Parnell said. “Hopefully we’ll go to some places we’ve never been to before, like Australia and Japan.”

Though no work has been done on the next album, Parnell said the band will definitely record one soon.

“We’re always up to doing new albums,” Parnell said. “It’s something that’s definitely in the future. We’re contractually obliged to.”

Tickets for the performance are $5 and are available through Ticketmaster. The Alrosa Villa is located at 5055 Sinclair Road.

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