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Gator Bowl a forum for Florida fans to discuss Urban Meyer’s arrival at Ohio State

Chelsea Castle/ Managing editor for content

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Everbank Field in Jacksonville, the site of the 2012 Gator Bowl, provided University of Florida football fans an opportunity to vent frustration about former Gators coach Urban Meyer becoming the new head coach at Ohio State.

Meyer was introduced as the 24th head coach in OSU football history on Nov. 28, less than a year after departing Florida due to health concerns. Reactions amongst Gators fans to Meyer’s hire was mixed, but some couldn’t pass on the opportunity to release lingering animosity.

Tasha Hyder, 28, of Jacksonville, was busy with TV interviews and whipping Gators fans into frenzied anti-Meyer cheers. Donning a pleasant smile all the while, Hyder held a sign that read: “Meyer is a liar.”

Hyder’s sign also featured an image Meyer’s face placed inside the jaws of the Florida athletics logo — an open-mouthed alligator.

“I think (Meyer’s) a liar, obviously — the sign tells it all,” Hyder said. “I mean, who says that they’re leaving to spend time with his family and medical problems. A year later, he’s back at Ohio State coaching for $4 million (annually). Really? I don’t know, sounds like a liar to me.”

To be sure, not all Gators fans share Hyder’s hate for Meyer.

William Jones, 32, of West Virginia, graduated from UF with a degree in finance in 2006. Jones said that the Florida fan base is probably split on the subject of Meyer’s return to college football.

“If he’s back in college football, and it’s the right fit for his family, I don’t have a problem as a fan with it,” Jones said. “He’s from Ohio, and that’s his dream job. He won (Florida) two national championships and he gave us good years, so I don’t have a problem with him getting back into it. It’s fun to get into the semantics of it, but as long as he’s fine.

“I hope (Meyer) does well,” Jones said with a smile, “just as long as Florida beats him.”

The mere mention of Meyer’s name at some Florida fans’ tailgating sites elicited boos and jeers. Lee Geiger, 19, a Gators fan from Linwood, N.J., withheld from heckling Meyer, for the most part.

“Meyer recruited all the kids on Florida’s team,” Geiger said. “I don’t like him, but I understand he had to leave,” Geiger said.

Hyder was hardly shy about continuing to voice her dislike for OSU, and it’s new head coach.

“They both suck,” she said.

Meyer will assume control of OSU football after the Gator Bowl. Luke Fickell, acting head coach for the bowl game, will be retained by Meyer as the assistant defensive coordinator. The NCAA administered a one-year bowl ban to OSU. 

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