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Meyer must trademark style, dress to impress

Chelsea Castle/ Managing editor for content

Fashion says a lot about a person. It can define their character, provide a glimpse into their personality and even shape the way they are perceived and treated by others.

This is why Ohio State’s new head football coach Urban Meyer must choose his sideline attire carefully.

By taking a look at OSU’s previous head coaches, and considering the qualities that each of them brought to the field, we can reason on what would be the best possible look for Meyer.

When the fashion of OSU head football coaches is discussed, the thing that is sure to come to mind before anything else is Jim Tressel’s legendary sweater vest. For many, this vest was a symbol of sophistication, seriousness and maturity.

The sweater vest’s value can be found in its versatility. While protecting Tressel from the harsh temperatures of Central Ohio in late autumn, it also granted him the full range of motion of his arms in signaling plays from the sideline.

Venturing even further into the past, we arrive at coaching legend Woody Hayes.

Hayes’ trademark look was his black OSU baseball cap and his silver-rimmed glasses.

While Hayes was tremendously successful during his 28 seasons as OSU’s head coach, he was also extremely emotional on the sidelines.

Just as professional poker players often wear hats and sunglasses to hide their facial expressions from opponents to make it more difficult for the opponent to predict the next move, Hayes’ accessories surely assisted in masking his emotions.

Next we will consider another OSU football coaching great, Earle Bruce.

Bruce’s fashion sense was perhaps the classiest of OSU’s recent head coaches. He often sported a black suit with a fedora. This indicated leadership to members of his own organization while signifying superiority to opponents.

Lastly, we will consider the fashion of OSU’s most recent head coach, Luke Fickell.

Though Fickell’s reign was brief, what he did with the limited time and resources that he had is respectable. He often sported a windbreaker on the sidelines. This portrayed him as somebody who is young, but who still took the job seriously.

In order for Meyer to be the best possible head coach that he can be, and in order for him to utilize his sideline attire to its full potential, he must combine the most positive aspects of his predecessors.

When the precedents set by these men are considered, there is only one logical outcome.

The only logical conclusion is for Meyer to dress up like V from “V for Vendetta” during games. This would give him a distinguished look that is both sophisticated and intimidating. Though there would be no glasses, the hat would help to hide his emotions, as would the mask, being that it would completely cover his face. The cape would surely keep him warm while allowing him to retain a full range of motion in his arms. He would also be easy for the players to relate to, since many of them are sure to have seen the movie.

But perhaps the most fitting reason that Meyer should dress as V is because, like V in the movie, Meyer is a symbol of the revenge that is to come upon those teams that have defeated us this past season. Remember, remember the 28th of November.

Assuming Meyer thinks rationally and considers this suggestion, the only possible outcome is a successful season ending in a national championship.


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