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Andrea Cambern bids farewell to the Columbus airwaves

Courtesy of Andrea Cambern

Andrea Cambern, news anchor at WBNS-10TV, will sign-off one final time to everyone watching the 6 p.m. broadcast on May 23, 2012.

Cambern, 53, began her career at 10TV in 1991 and has since become a recognizable name not only in Columbus but nationwide.

With six Emmys, Female Anchor of the Year by the National Association of Television Journalists, honors from the Associated Press, induction into the Ohio Radio and Television Broadcasters Hall of Fame and YWCA Women of Achievement Academy, Cambern leaves behind a legacy.

In addition to her award achievements, Cambern has also made a lasting impression on Columbus’s health and wellness with her Commit to be Fit Program, which she headed with Mayor Michael B. Coleman.

“She has had a positive influence on the community with her Commit to be Fit Program, it is a good program,” said Lee Johnson, a fifth-year in economics and Japanese.

Cambern said she hopes to remain involved with “Commit to be Fit,” even after she leaves 10TV.

“Commit to be Fit has always been a passion of mine. I hope that it will be around for a long time,” Cambern said.

As Cambern enters the next chapter of her life, her path remains undetermined. However, she mentioned that if she goes back to school, she would like to do so at Ohio State .

“I have adopted OSU as my university,” Cambern said. “It should be my alma mater. I feel like I am a Buckeye.”

Cambern said in making the decision to step down, she followed her heart, not her head.

“So few people in this business get to say when they leave. What a gift it would be if I just leave it as is with a wonderful memory of what this career has been,” Cambern said.

The focus of her heart, she said, is her husband, Brett.

“My husband’s family and job is in California. He came to Columbus for my job,” Cambern said. “This transition is really about changing priorities and letting where he wants to be take precedence.”

While Cambern said she is excited to see what the next chapter in her life might bring, she expressed sadness for what she will miss most about Columbus.

“It’s gut wrenching to leave something you love. The starkest difference between California and Columbus is the way people care about each other and the community here. I am worried that I am going to miss the Midwestern values and sensibility,” Cambern said.

And while Cambern will miss Columbus, many people here will miss her as well.

“I will miss her zest for life. Her sunny personality is real,” said Jerry Revish, news anchor for 10TV news and Cambern’s long time co-host.

Additional members of the 10TV crew shared their feelings about Cambern.

“The newsroom is going to feel empty without her. It’s going to feel like someone let the air out of the room,” said Kurt Ludlow, 10TV news anchor.

Tom Griesdorn, president and general manager of 10TV, agreed.

“We will miss her versatility. Anchor, reporter, field producer/reporter, interviewer, get on the plan and get to this story. She can do it all,” Griesdorn said.

Cambern said she will miss 10TV and the perks that go with it.

“10TV is truly my family. But in addition, I will also miss all the people I meet with the job. That was one of the most appealing aspects of it,” Cambern said.

While Cambern is not sure what her next major step will be, she does know that she plans to devote more time and attention to other programs she’s involved with, such as “It’s Abuse,” an anti-violence initiative geared toward young college women.

“It’s Abuse” was started at OSU and has spread to several other campuses in Ohio.

As Cambern follows her heart and leaves her 20-year legacy behind, she said, “I need to take the leap while I am still young enough to have a second chapter.”


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