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Commentary: Lindsay Lohan cleaning up mean girl act

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Here we go again.

Following in Charlie Sheen’s footsteps of finding success after hitting rock bottom, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly being considered to play the role of Elizabeth Taylor in an upcoming made-for-TV movie, “Liz and Dick.”

Reports have shown that Lohan is actually receiving more scripts than before and that producers are claiming that she is showing signs of “maturity.” That’s surprising considering her rap sheet over the last couple of years. It’s hard to say how long a movie could take to film with all of the potential court dates and community service hours that come with the actress.

Talk about baggage.

There is, however, good news for Lohan. She had her court date Tuesday — a progress report following a necklace theft in May and a 2007 DUI — and the judge ruled in Lohan’s favor. He approved of her recent behavior and was even seen reportedly flashing Lohan a smile.

The real concern here is what happened to the 25-year-old Hollywood starlet? Remember the innocent Disney years where she starred in “Freaky Friday,” “Herbie Fully Loaded” and “The Parent Trap?” Like so many actors and actresses who found success while they were young, Lohan fell into the deviant aspects that surround Hollywood youth. It’s sad to see but it could be worse, I suppose.

Prime examples of youth gone wild include Britney Spears and Robert Downey, Jr. and Corey Haim. I certainly hope that Lohan can stay out of trouble and fairs better than the latter member of the group. Haim died in 2010 at only 38 years old. He didn’t die as a direct result from substance abuse, a problem that plagued his past, but at the time of his death he was deeply depressed and secluded, reportedly a result of his past fame.

Despite what she has gone through, I think Lohan is capable of returning to the limelight. She has the look and the talent, but it will come down to whether she can keep herself straight. I understand that sometimes the temptations of life can outweigh the unknown, but just like any other recovery, resisting those temptations is vital to success. She has shown promise these last couple of months and I would be shocked if that didn’t continue.

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