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Folk band hoping to bring Canadian loveliness to Columbus

Courtesy of Matt Barnes

One member will say it started with a bar fight, another will say it began with a limbo competition and still another will say The Good Lovelies were brought together with a chess tournament.

The Americana-sounding Canadian band The Good Lovelies is scheduled to perform at Lincoln Theatre at 8 p.m. Saturday.

Caroline Brooks, one member in the singing trio, said each member in the band has a different version of how the three became The Good Lovelies. For her, it was a chess tournament.

Brooks said it was actually after a show in 2006. The three were each playing at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Each member at the time preformed as a solo act. After that Brooks, Kerri Ough and Sue Passmore decided to work on a few songs together.

“It really was magical,” Brooks said. “And out of nowhere, The Good Lovelies were born.”

In the five years that The Good Lovelies has been playing together, each member has quit her “day job,” and the band has come out with three full-length albums and one EP.

This Toronto-based band does not consider its music to be necessarily country, but roots, or Americana, with some country and bluegrass inspirations thrown in, Brooks said.

Brooks said there is a large country and folk scene in Canada, and credits that with part of its success.

“It has been the reason we have been able to do what we do, because they have been so supportive,” Brooks said.

The song topics of the Good Lovelies vary widely, from love songs to songs about homesickness and communication. Inspiration for their songs comes from everyday life, Brooks said.

“It depends where we are at in our lives, what we’re experiencing, and what we’re going through at that point,” Brooks said.

The Good Lovelies made its American debut in 2011. Since then, the band members have grown to appreciate the different regions the continent has to offer, Brooks said.

“It’s really nice to go south of the border and see what kind of support you guys give musicians,” Brooks said.

The Good Lovelies plans to serve its Columbus audience a mix between some of its original songs, along with its current music off its newest album, “Let the Rain Fall,” as well as cover songs the band enjoys.

One of the biggest differences between playing the U.S. and Canada is the fan base, Brooks said. In Canada, the band is widely recognized, but not nearly as much in the U.S.

“We’re still breaking through in America,” Brooks said.

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