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Taste of OSU puts different countries’ best bites on the menu

Collin Howard / Lantern reporter

I approached the Ohio Union for the Taste of OSU on Friday a bit unsure of what to expect. But, I grabbed the door handle, pulled it back and like a wave I was hit with warmth, music and the smell of hundreds of dishes being prepared for our enjoyment.

The food was split into two rooms, the Archie M. Griffin Grand Ballroom and the Performance Hall. The Ballroom, the larger of the two, held 23 vendors, while the Performance Hall held 12 more. It was difficult to try to dodge hungry students wielding plastic cutlery, but when you managed to slide past them and into where the food was being served it was like a huge party. There were smiles throughout the room and laughter was the only thing rivaling the roaring sound of music.

The smells were an experience all their own. You could pass the food being prepared by the Organization of Arab Students, and in a matter of seconds travel to another destination the Hong Kong Student Association represented. Just on the other side, the smell of sausage from the Polish Club was present. The smells didn’t contradict each other, but instead brought themselves together into one large, pleasant aroma.

The things that stood out the most were the genuinely friendly members of each organization. They were unbelievably cordial and were eager to explain what they had to offer. The best example was definitely The Habesha Student Organization. The six or seven people serving remained all smiles despite long lines.

If food wasn’t your thing, there was plenty of entertainment as well. Cultural performances were held all night long featuring groups such as the African Youth League, Dance Coalition, the Indian Students Association and the Somali Student Association. The stage was constantly surrounded and the railings on all three levels of the Union were lined with spectators.

All of these aspects are what made Friday truly special. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and encourage everyone to attend this event next time. It was such a diverse atmosphere, but strangely educational. The food brought students together, but the atmosphere is what kept them around.

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