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Columbus Museum of Art to draw crowds with workshop

Though the main mission of the Columbus Museum of Art is to showcase the history of great artists and their works, one program offered through the museum is asking amateurs to make their own contributions to art history.

“Drawing in the Galleries” will provide patrons that opportunity at 2 p.m. Feb. 16.

Coordinators at CMA said visitors will be given a guided tour of the museum, and can then do drawing exercises that will help to develop their appreciation of what they just saw.

Amanda Kepner, education coordinator at CMA, said the experience is very casual and offers a twist on what one would normally experience at the gallery.

“There’s certain people who have an interest in drawing, or kind of want to take a stab at it, but don’t want to take a class or do something really formal,” Kepner said. “It’s a really great, informal way to try something new, just go out and try something fun and not feel any pressure.”

Rachel Trinkley, educator for docent programs, said there are often misconceptions with the tour and some people don’t fully understand its purpose.

“A lot of people think that the tour is really about drawing and developing your drawing skills, but that’s really not the point,” Trinkley said. “The point is that you can see lots more when you draw, so the idea is that you explore and get to know works of art in a much different way that sort of opens the right side of your brain and gets you to think a little bit differently about the works of art.”

Trinkley encouraged people to come to the event because it can be an eye-opener.

“It gives you a break from your everyday. It gives you a different look at things. For me, when I participate on the tour, it gives lots of energy,” Trinkley said. “As a participant, I’m looking at these works of art, trying to draw them, but I begin to see things that I’ve never seen before, and that’s what we almost always hear from participants.”

Emily Jewell, a fourth-year in agriculture extension, said the tour might be interesting.

“It would be a culturally diverse experience,” Jewell said.

Tickets are $10 for non-members and include admission to the museum for the day and the supplies needed to participate.

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