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Party to celebrate stupid love, safe sex

Courtesy of Donda Estep

While many couples scramble to restaurants this weekend to beat Tuesday’s Valentine’s Day crowd, the local artists of FeverHead will be celebrating the holiday in an alternative way.

“Celebrating love is serious, it’s nice, it’s kind. You know, it’s a good part of our traditions,” said Nicole “CoCo” Loupe, the operator of FeverHead and the producer of the Stupid Cupid > ALT-Valentine’s Day Art Party.

“But, I also think that kind of flipping it over and looking at how silly it can be, or how funny, or bewildering, or looking at it from different angles is quite, quite entertaining. And it’s also a great catalyst for making art because it’s the version of a mainstream idea,” she said.

Located at 1199 Goodale Blvd., FeverHead is a warehouse and studio space open to all artists. Stupid Cupid will be held Saturday. Doors open at 8 p.m. and continuous programming will run until midnight or 1 a.m., Loupe said.

“It’s not one of those events that you show up and it’s the same thing for four hours and you come and go,” Loupe said. “We have curated the entire night.”

The first hour of the party is reserved for food, drinks, networking and viewing the displayed art.

Two-dimensional art of all sizes and mediums (except sculpture) that include oil, acrylic, textiles and photography will be showcased.

The second hour begins with a dance and video concert followed by 30 minutes to review more of the exhibited work. The event will end with a live band and dance party.

Separate from the music and video concert will be an ongoing interactive performance installation.

“My friend Michael J. Morris is doing a cuddle installation,” Loupe said. “So he’s bringing a full-size mattress into the gallery … and anybody who wants to can have a seven-minute cuddle with him.”

Loupe opened FeverHead last August. Stupid Cupid will be its biggest event to date, she said.

For the OSU alumna, the goal of FeverHead was to have a place where she, her friends and other local artists could come and exert their creativity outside of their full-time jobs and other commitments.

“We still have to maintain the creative parts of our lives,” Loupe said. “None of us have the time to start like a dance company, or like, a video production company or anything like that. We have to do it in small pieces. So that’s kind of why (my friends and I) banded together and started this space.”

The purpose of the alternative Valentine’s Day party is not just to showcase the way Loupe, her friends and other artists interpret love through art. Another aim of the party is to call attention to HIV and AIDS awareness. FeverHead will donate a portion of the event’s ticket sales to the Ohio AIDS Coalition (OAC).

“The work that the Ohio AIDS Coalition does would not be possible without fundraisers such as this one,” said Tyler TerMeer, the director of the OAC. “When we were approached by (FeverHead), we were really excited to have the opportunity to just not only support the arts in the local area … but also to bring awareness. February is especially important. It’s not only Valentine’s Day, but also Condom Awareness Month and trying to promote safer sex practices.”

An OAC staff member’s photography will also be on display Saturday.

“It’s important that students recognize that there is a problem with AIDS,” said Anna Dolan, a third-year in security and intelligence. “And Valentine’s Day being obviously like a holiday celebrating love, it’s good to kind of recognize some of the problems, or like, repercussions unsafe sex practices could have.”

Tickets for Stupid Cupid can be purchased at the door for $20. Early-bird tickets for $15 can be purchased online until midnight on Friday. Guests must be 18 or older. A digital program of the event is available at www.feverhead.com.

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