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Taking Back Sunday takes Columbus by storm

Kelly Roderick / Lantern photographer

Newport Music Hall was filled with voices raised high Wednesday night, along with a bit of moshing and crowd surfing as Taking Back Sunday took the stage.

The Ohio Union Activities Board coordinated Taking Back Sunday’s performance.

City Lights, a Columbus band, opened the show with “Hang Out,” a song from the album, “Rock Like a Party Star.” The alternative pop-punk band got the crowd pumped up with its almost-choreographed jumping on stage. 

Fewer than 40 minutes later, Taking Back Sunday took the stage. Several audience members were incited to dive into the pool of cheering fans below and crowd surf up to the pit before the stage.

Taking Back Sunday played a few newer songs from its latest and self-titled album, including “Faith (When I Let You Down)” and “You Got Me.” But the band stuck closely to older fan favorites such as “Up Against (Blackout),” “You’re So Last Summer,” “What’s It Feel Like to Be A Ghost?” and “Bike Scene.” Many of the songs in the set list were released on Taking Back Sunday’s 2002 album, “Tell All Your Friends.”

Taking Back Sunday vocalist Adam Lazzara moved about the stage taking any opportunity he had to show off his mic-slinging skills. 

Taking Back Sunday did not stick to all its own songs. The band also performed Straylight Run’s “Existentialism On Prom Night,” which prompted some raised arms holding up lighters.

Taking Back Sunday ended their set with “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)” and returned shortly for an encore, playing “No ‘I’ in Team.”

Jessica Coleman, a second-year in economics, said she has always been a big fan of Taking Back Sunday and appreciated the ticket from OUAB. During the song “MakeDamnSure,” Coleman moved up to the second row.

“Seeing them up close was just unreal,” she said.

Tina Yeung, a fourth-year in speech and hearing science, said a concert like this one would probably have cost more than the $25 student activity fee.

“It’s bands like these that make paying $25 a quarter worthwhile,” Yeung said.

Oshie Bichar, vocalist of City Lights and Ohio State alumnus, said he considers City Lights to be in the same vein as Taking Back Sunday and hopes that a larger portion of the Columbus community and OSU students will come to know City Lights’ music.

Bichar said opening for Taking Back Sunday was a “humbling fanboy moment.”

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