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Thefts and robberies near campus alarm students

Connected robberies

Four men surrounded and robbed an Ohio State student Sunday night on High Street and W. 10th Avenue.

Michael Shenigo-Rudy, a second-year in electrical and computer engineering, was walking on 10th Avenue toward High Street when five men stopped and assaulted him.

“They started to nonchalantly walk by me but then out of nowhere I took a very strong hit to the face,” Shenigo-Rudy said. “I was severely disoriented.”

Shenigo-Rudy said he ran to Bier Stube where his friends were waiting and told employees to call the police. Shenigo-Rudy said he suffered from bruises and lacerations to the ear.

Four men stole Shenigo-Rudy’s wallet, shoes, T-shirt, hoodie and cell phone, Columbus Police Sergeant Rich Weiner said.

A second attempted robbery occurred at 12th Avenue and High Street by the same suspects. An unnamed victim and friend called police and followed the suspects to 12th Avenue and Indianola Avenue where police picked up the suspects early Monday morning, Weiner said.

The four suspects, Sentral Hill, Jamar Stapleton, Dillon Minniefied and Darron Martin were all taken to jail Monday morning and charged with robbery.

Theft and robbery

An assault and an unrelated robbery occurred at the corner of High Street and Patterson Avenue early Sunday morning, resulting in one hospitalized victim.

Evan Hucek, a third-year year in mechanical engineering, was walking with his two friends early Sunday morning outside Hendoc’s Pub at 2375 N. High Street, when altercations that started in the bar continued onto the street, stopping traffic on High Street.

“I just remember walking down the street when people just started pouring out of the bar,” Hucek said. “There was just a lot of yelling and pushing. We could hear clearly from the other side of the street what was going on.”

The crowd pushed into High Street and across the street where Hucek and his friends were walking, Hucek said.

An unknown suspect assaulted Hucek and his two friends. The suspect struck Hucek and his two friends with a closed fist and continued assault to Hucek’s friend by stomping on his face. The friend was rushed to Riverside Hospital, according to the police report.

The friend received treatment for a broken nose and broken cheek bone and was released, Hucek said.

A robbery also occurred at the same time and place. A witness saw the incident and recorded the altercation with an iPhone prior to the phone being stolen, Weiner said.

A suspect’s friend took the iPhone and when the victim resisted, the suspect punched the victim in the face and took the phone, Weiner said.

“There’s going to be follow-up information and detectives will be able to interview some people,” Weiner said.

No suspects were arrested or are in custody.

Ohio State Police was unable to comment and did not release any crime alerts.

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