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Columbus DJs to dig into electronic dance music party

Amanda Abney / Lantern reporter

Lasers, ultraviolet reactive bubbles, costumes, crazy lighting and dancing are just some of the things expected at Dig!

Dig! is an event at which local electronic dance music DJ/VJ duo roeVy will be performing, along with Columbus DJs such as Network EDM, The Boogaloos and Urge2.

Dig! is scheduled to be held at 9 p.m. Saturday at Circus, located at 1227 N. High St.

Circus also hosts a dance party every Gallery Hop, and Move!, which Bryan Keller and Matt Cremean of Network EDM, a local electro-house DJ duo, headline.

“Whether it is Move! or Dig!, either way it will be awesome,” Keller said.

There will be a variety of EDM, or electronic dance music, from old school hip-hop to techno at Dig!

“Everybody brings their own thing to Dig!,” Cremean said. “At this point, it’s not all electro craziness.”

RoeVy synchronizes audio, video, costumes and lasers to give the audience a different local EDM experience.

“It’s off the charts, ridiculously sweet,” Keller said. “It’s a production that should not be missed, and if you haven’t seen it, be ready.”

Arthur Brehm, a fourth-year in history and president of the Electronic Music Club at Ohio State, said roeVy will likely provide a good show.

“Dig! is definitely one of the most venerated parties in Columbus,” Brehm said. “Its sort of like roeVy’s home. You know it’s going to be a packed house and a really incredible show.”

Network EDM will open directly for roeVy for the first time.

“One of the things we have always wanted to do is play with roeVy at one of their own shows,” Cremean said. “It would be awesome if we could play with these guys and combine into two hours of just ruckus nonsense, and finally we are getting the chance to.”

RainTrain, who will also play at the show, is a local DJ whose personality makes for a fun time, Keller said.

“Rainer, his persona when he is on stage, is just fun,” Keller said. “He puts on his crazy wig, puts out his rope lights, gets his UV reactive bubbles out with black lights everywhere and strobes.”

Network EDM always tries to keep things fresh for their fans and it never plays the same set twice, Cremean said.

“We try and play stuff that may be a little obscure and under the radar,” Keller said. “We are playing more on the curve of stuff that just came out that morning, and we are playing it that night at the club.”

Network EDM shows are filled with “danceable” music, Keller said.

“I would like to say that our shows are solid and filled with new stuff that you haven’t heard, stuff you will probably like and will be danceable all the way through,” Keller said. “We are going to have some fake drops, big buildups and big drops.”

The duo has an on-stage chemistry that is undeniable, Keller said.

“We have a timing and chemistry thing that works,” Keller said. “I don’t think it is something you can manufacture either, I think it just happens,” Cremean said.

Tickets are available at the door the night of the show. It is free to get in before 11 p.m. After, it will be $3 for people ages 21 and up and $5 for those under 21.

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