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Friday Fashion: Spring style lies in creativity

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I recently spent an evening organizing my closet to prepare for warmer weather and was pleasantly surprised at how motivating it was. Aside from taking out my bulky winter coats and pulling my tanks and skirts to the front, I was excited to rediscover some pieces I forgot about over the winter.

As I aimlessly browsed my favorite online retailers in class the next day, I decided there weren’t many new things I needed for spring. Despite the season’s pastel colors, sheer and lace, patterned pants, ’40s elegance and African print trends, clothing remains more about styling than newness.

I am a frequent goal-setter. I enjoy forming wishes into long and short goals with plans for action. So this spring, I am setting my own “fashion goal.” My goal is to make good use of the clothing I already own, shop less and style outfits based on trends rather than buying new. Overall, my goal is to get creative and save money.

Reminded by the famous Yves Saint Laurent quote, “Fashion fades; style is eternal,” being stylish isn’t about owning the latest trend, but rather making an impression by being resourceful and creative. Style can be achieved with what you own rather than a massive credit card bill.

As I embark on my re-inspired journey, I challenge you to view your closet in a new way as well.

Remember that layering is key. Whether it is layering jewelry or tops, mixing textures and patterns will help create a fashionable look.

Make use of basics and style with bright patterns or colors. Adding brightly colored accessories will give any outfit a little edge.

When needing a shopping pick-me-up, reach for pieces that will withstand the years and function with many outfits.

Simple, classic lines go a long way. Trends will come and go, but a simple black dress or grey pencil skirt will always be stylish.

And don’t forget to play around. Have fun with your wardrobe. After all, fashion is about feeling good about yourself. Don’t confine yourself to what you’ve always worn. Mix it up with new combinations for a stylish spring look.

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