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Friday fashion: Be bold in bikinis this summer

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Every year we work so hard for that beach bod to show off during the summer months. This year, everyone is baring it all on the sand as they soak up some rays. Some trends are more scandalous than others, but all can be doable if you pick the right bathing suit for your body type and comfort level.

Fringe: This trend is one that I absolutely adore, as could be noted on my Pinterest boards. A fringed top is a great way to add a little something for those of you who don’t have a whole lot going on in your bust area. The texture will give the illusion of a bigger cup size while preventing the design from taking over. This is also a good way to hide any tummy issues you might have. If you feel like you need to spend a couple more days doing crunches, opt for a fringe that covers your whole midsection.

White: The classic white bikini is a summertime staple that will never go out of style. Whether it’s a day by the pool or a beach barbecue, this suit will be fitting for the occasion. Choose from styles with eyelet material, scalloped edges or a basic triangle cut. All will be flattering and fun for a day in the sun. This color looks even better with a golden glow, something most beach babes already have set.

Bandeau top: While this style can seem intimidating, it’s actually quite flattering on most body types. If you have smaller hips it will enhance that straight look that is totally worth embracing and will slim down those of you with more curves. Bandeau tops generally look better in a solid color or basic print like nautical stripes or tiny flowers. Anything too big and bold will look too busy and become distracting.

Retro bottom: If worn correctly, this high waistline can be something worth bringing back. This cut tends to work better with a flatter stomach simply because it will emphasize any weight you have in your lower abdomen (a common occurrence among women). To accompany the retro theme, these bathing suits usually come in nautical stripe prints that make women look wider. I recommend choosing a solid color like black, navy or white for this one.

Neon: Your skin will love this trend because it will instantly make you look tanner. Neon orange, green and pink are probably the most common colors on the rack. Find the style that’s most flattering for you and choose your favorite color.

Shopping for a new bathing suit can be seriously stressful, but if you start with a plan and some styles picked out ahead of time, it won’t feel so overwhelming. Also keep in mind that the ocean, pool and lakes will cause wear and tear on a suit, so avoid crocheted material, linen and other materials that you wouldn’t want to fade or don’t take water easily. And finally, never try on a bathing suit without underwear – diseases can be easily transmitted this way. 

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