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Review: Girl Talk shreds toilet paper, confetti, tunes in Columbus bash

Kelly Roderick / Lantern Photographer

Upon walking through the gates of the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Friday, a single thought entered my mind: “Wow, everyone here is REALLY drunk.”

Despite meager attempts by LC Pavilion’s security team to keep drugs and outside-alcohol from entering the facility, more than a few crowd members were getting their good feelings from somewhere other than the $8 concession stand beers. Flasks and less-than-discreet, non-water-filled water bottles filled the hands of many and a hazy cloud of marijuana-scented smoke filled the air.
The crowd of people, mostly college-aged, was a mix unlike I had ever seen before, half in rave attire
and half looking as if they had just stepped off frat row. But despite how they were dressed and despite where they came from, everyone was united by a common theme of inebriation and, clearly, ready to party.
“How you feelin’, Columbus?” Girl Talk, whose real name is Gregg Gillis, yelled to the audience before beginning his hour-long set. The response, deafening and near-indistinguishable, signaled the lights and the music began.
From Queen to Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna to the Ramones, it seemed no genre of artists were absent from Girl Talk’s set of techno mash-ups. The remixes combined Top 40 hits seamlessly with classic favorites, always perfectly layering sounds both old and new.
The concert, which lasted from around 8-11:30 p.m., was certainly just as much a party as a music show. Looking around, a still body could not be found in the packed-to-capacity pit in front of the stage.
Right from the start, and through a double encore, the audience, myself included, danced to every beat and sang every word that boomed from the stage speakers. Confetti, streamers, toilet paper, beach balls and balloons rained from the stage and above, always surprising the crowd when the music peaked and the strobe lights were flashing.
The atmosphere surrounding the venue was more contagious than any flu, and certainly a
lot more enjoyable. I spotted not a single angry confrontation and heard not one negative remark throughout the entire show. Whether you came excited or not, it was impossible to not have a great time once Gillis, who seemed just as happy and ecstatic as the crowd, took to the stage.
All in all, I danced until my arms were numb, shouted until my voice was gone and was pushed around to the point of, almost, making contact with the cemented ground. While waking up the next morning was definitely not pain free, I couldn’t tell you a single regret and couldn’t imagine a better kick-off to the summer ahead of me.

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