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Student stabs intruder during burglary of off-campus apartment

An Ohio State student stabbed a man in the back after he broke into her off-campus area apartment Thursday.

According to multiple reports, 20-year-old OSU student Allison Rigel left the door of her apartment on Summit Street near 17th Avenue unlocked because she was expecting a friend to arrive while she was in the shower.

When she returned downstairs, she found the door open and her laptop gone.

She grabbed a knife from the kitchen and had a friend on the phone while she inspected the house. She found a man in a second floor bedroom and stabbed him in the back.

According to a Columbus Division of Police report the man fled the scene, but was caught on foot shortly after. The man, 30-year-old Derek Miller, was arrested in connection to the crime.

10TV reported that the incident occurred around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Miller was transported for medical assistance and is expected to recover. Rigel will face no charges for attacking the intruder.

Commander Christopher Bowling with the Columbus Police said that people should think about how they would react to a residential break in.

“I don’t think anyone is thrilled to jump out of the shower and find someone else in their house,” Bowling said. “Spend a few seconds thinking about what you would do.”

Bowling urged students to always lock their doors and secure their windows, even when they are home.

Miller has been charged with burglary, and Bowling said he is currently in jail.

Rigel did not return requests for comment Saturday.


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