I was cursed with a short summer.
All the other Ohio State students had the same curse, but for those of us entering our senior year, the semester switch just caught us by our tail ends. We almost made it out. Plenty of people packed their schedules and graduated early, trying to avoid the dreaded semesters.
Save yourselves! Get out while you still can! They walked out of the ‘Shoe last spring, diplomas in hand, snickering at the rest of us suckers who weren’t fortunate enough to escape.
But I’m not one to rush.
I’m in no hurry to graduate, and shun me all you want, but I think this switch will be more of an adventure than a curse.
So many people try to just rush through life. Every day is some torturous event that they’re just trying to get through, waiting for the weekend or the next time they get a day off.
But that’s exactly how you waste life.
Right now we’re young, we’re resilient. This is the time for us to make frequent changes, try different things and settle into new schedules.
“I’m adaptable,” just like Anne Hathaway in “The Dark Knight Rises.” A storm might be coming with this semester switch, but we should really meet it head on, break the headwinds and not duck out early.
I think we need to take this time we’re given and use the heck out of it. That way, we won’t have any regrets.
Semesters might end up being a little more painful than quarters. Classes will be for 14 weeks instead of 10, finals week might cut deeper into our sleep schedules, most of us have broken our fast from Friday classes.
But that’s no reason to duck out early. It’s a new adventure that presents new challenges, novel experiences and the opportunity to create new memories.
Start the year realizing this isn’t really a curse. After all, life isn’t something to get through.