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Women’s fashion: Stay practical with weather-friendly picks for back to school

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After moving into a new home, whether it be a house, apartment or dorm room, you’ll need to start thinking of things you might have forgotten. It’s inevitable that something slipped your mind in the packing process. Here’s a list of a few things that make a closet complete as can be.

Waterproof shoes: I am a huge fan of rain boots, but I am also aware that these ridiculously colorful rubbery shoes are not for everyone. That being said, you will want something for those days when the rain is ruthless. If you’re not a fan of boots, opt for waterproof duck shoes or even tennis shoes made from mostly rubber or finished leather. These will keep your socks from getting too squishy and you’ll be able to trudge all the way to class and back comfortably.

Backpack: This seems like an obvious item, however, finding a backpack for college is a bit more difficult than finding one for high school. You’ll need to think about your prospective textbook load, whether or not you’ll need your laptop and how many classes you have per day. Sometimes you might want to bring a tote as a backpack alternative. Look for ones with sturdy leather or canvas straps and heavy seams to avoid a carryall catastrophe.

Weatherproof jacket: Again, this is a no-brainer, but this clothing item is all about functionality and not necessarily fashion. You’ll want something that will keep you dry during the rain and warm at a windy football game. Consider a jacket with a removable fleece layer for versatility. Consider it as a two-for-one deal. You’ll also want to seriously toy with the idea of getting a jacket with a hood. Umbrellas are not all that effective against the Ohio wind.

Dress pants: As college students, we love our jeans and T-shirts, but sometimes life requires a little dressing up. Dress pants are lifesavers for last-minute interviews, class presentations and on-campus jobs. I recommend getting a pair in black, gray or navy, which can be paired with most tops. You’ll want a pair that fits you without looking too tight – these shouldn’t fit the same way that your jeans do.

Tennis shoes: Even for those of you who, like me, hate the way tennis shoes look, these are a necessary closet staple. You might take up going to the gym, want to go for a quick power-walk around campus or even find friends to go camping with. If you happen to volunteer for a group such as Habitat for Humanity or another community service group, these shoes will come in handy.

Living independently can be stressful and even scary sometimes, but having the essentials will give you one less thing to worry about.

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